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male, 23 years old, Manchester
Latest status: Just joined the Burpee Muscle-Ups challenge (20/01/2012 01:14 PM)

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Exskinnybloke's entry in: Speed Press Ups! -In 30 Seconds! on

Title: Exskinnybloke's entry in: Speed Press Ups! -In 30 Seconds! on

Description: Speed Press Ups! -In 30 Seconds! Speed press ups! Full movement pressups, good form,hands a little wider than shoulder width. Perfect for everyone, a duration where constant press ups are achiveable, or where the real elite guys can aim for 2+ a second! Its all about getting a fast start. Do as many press ups as you can in a strict 30 second timer! Video Proof Please! http://

Added On:  7/17/2011 4:04:00 PM

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