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Profile: Personal Evolution Training Sy
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male, 34 years old, Merrylands I am a fitness trainer and performance coach from Sydney, Australia. I run a very popular fitness website www.endlesshumanpotential.com I have been in the fitness industry for over a decade. I am a sprinter, a white man at that. I am training for three world records, the standing long jump, most push-ups in one minute and most burpees in 15 minutes.
Latest status: I just scored 296 in the Standing Long Jump challenge (25/04/2012 02:29 PM)

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  • TeamKonkura: Just joined the 10 meter Kettlebell Farmers Walk challenge (05:41 PM, 10 Sep 2016)
  • TeamKonkura: I just scored 1 in the 10 meter Kettlebell Farmers Walk challenge (05:19 PM, 07 Sep 2016)
  • TeamKonkura: Just joined the 10 meter Kettlebell Farmers Walk challenge (05:19 PM, 07 Sep 2016)
  • TeamKonkura: Looking forward to the holidays? Who's got the best plan for keeping in shape over the festive period? (09:36 AM, 11 Dec 2015)
  • TeamKonkura: Rat Race Dirty Weekend - job done. Well done Team Konkura and all the other Muckers. Not impressed with the queues for some obstacles or the showers though, or by how much everything aches today! (03:50 PM, 11 May 2014)
  • TeamKonkura: If you see Team Konkura at the Rat Race Dirty Weekend on Saturday 10th May, say hi! And maybe give us a hand getting out of all that mud - it's looking like being messy (07:44 AM, 09 May 2014)
  • TeamKonkura: Where's Cable Street? Might be worth including this info in the description! (11:36 PM, 26 Jan 2014)
  • TeamKonkura: Currently in training for the Anglesey Ultra Marathon in January. Already dreading the potential weather implications of the "in January" part of that equation! (09:47 AM, 14 Nov 2013)
  • TeamKonkura: Major update completed on the site, particularly focused on improving the K-points system so you'll get points for all types of activity on Konkura.com. If you spot any bugs, please let us know by sending a message or emailing team@konkura.com (10:41 PM, 20 Oct 2013)
  • TeamKonkura: Well done Team Konkura for completing Race the Sun 2013 in 9 hrs 49 mins, despite Captain Worthster wiping out during the Helvellyn run section! (09:51 AM, 02 Sep 2013)
  • TeamKonkura: Just created the 16-week Marathon Training: Beginner challenge (10:49 PM, 28 Aug 2013)
  • TeamKonkura: Check out the opportunity to run for Barnardos in the 2014 Berlin Marathon. Click the link to view details, or visit link (10:08 PM, 28 Aug 2013)
  • TeamKonkura: Good luck to Team Konkura in next weekend's Race The Sun event in the Lake District - hope the training has gone well fellas. Check out their Facebook page, including links to sponsor them in aid of Action Medical Research For Children. (09:59 PM, 26 Aug 2013)
  • TeamKonkura: Barnardos have places in the 2014 Berlin Marathon, starting and finishing near the world-famous Brandenburg Gate, and with the chance to train with double Olympic Decathlon champion Daley Thompson! If you think you can raise £900, get in touch with them. (10:21 PM, 13 Aug 2013)
  • TeamKonkura: Article 25 are a small registered UK charity who design, build and manage projects to provide shelter in disaster areas, and to those living in poverty. They have worked on over 60 projects with partner NGOs in 22 countries. They are looking for runners to take part in Run to the Beat 2013, London's music half marathon on 8th September. If you think you can raise at least £250 of sponsorship, please get in touch with Bridie Lavender, Bridie-Lavender@article-25.org (08:13 PM, 03 Jul 2013)
  • TeamKonkura: Friends of the Children Myanmar charity are looking for fundraising runners to enter the British 10K (link ). Check it out if you want to run for them... (08:43 PM, 20 Jun 2013)
  • TeamKonkura: Thanks Yvonne, appreciate your support! (10:14 PM, 29 May 2013)
  • TeamKonkura: Hey Toshy, great to have you back on board and blasting the challenges (09:26 AM, 07 May 2013)
  • TeamKonkura: Well done all London Marathon runners - "enjoy" your recovery!!! (09:33 PM, 21 Apr 2013)
  • TeamKonkura: Good luck to all Konkura members running the London Marathon. If you achieve a PB, why not compare with others' fastest times at link (11:26 AM, 21 Apr 2013)

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