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Profile: AndrewSuggs
United States AndrewSuggs's profile
male, 29 years old, Tate City
Latest status: I just scored 2 mins 3.0 secs in the 1 arm bar hang challenge (10/03/2011 02:51 AM)

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  • I have my time filmed I'll try and upload it tomorrow. (06:03 AM, 10 Mar 2011)
  • treybailey09: I don't think that a treadmill should be considered valid. I get we're working on honesty, and I'm not saying the leader is lying, but a treadmill measures the distance the tread travels not the distance your feet do. (09:49 PM, 08 Mar 2011)
  • treybailey09: Girl, I like your silhouette. (03:41 PM, 08 Mar 2011)
  • treybailey09: Girl, you fine. (03:36 PM, 08 Mar 2011)
  • treybailey09: Great contest. My hand kills afterward. I'll get a video of the next attempt. (03:22 PM, 08 Mar 2011)
  • I did it today without a camera at Bert6761's place (without a video). Got 0:02:02.8 so 2 min 2 sec... I'll film it than join the challenge. (09:29 AM, 08 Mar 2011)

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