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Profile: Bear
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male, 39 years old, Boothwyn Just a regular guy who loves to workout. "Your fitness is measured by how hard you are willing to push yourself!" "Pain is temporary" "If you aren't pushing yourself, get out of my way."
Latest status: I just scored 1474 in the Murderous Mason Twists. challenge (04/03/2012 08:21 PM)

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Challenges created17
Scores posted148
Votes/ratings received28
Votes/ratings cast7
Comments & updates19
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  • BaneRises wrote: Thanks! Check out my challenge. Give it a try and see how many you can do. Thanks again! (03:33 PM, 12 Aug 2012)
  • FitnessGuru wrote: I have just had a look at your profile, vids and photos - my my! You seem like a warrior - I'm not easily impressed, but mr bear you impress me. (06:36 AM, 30 Mar 2012)
  • FitnessGuru wrote: Hello sir. Are you going to try my challenges? :) (06:33 AM, 30 Mar 2012)
  • Exskinnybloke wrote: Really Impressive challenge updates bear! Going to be updating mine-with improved technique to start on the road to get close to you, soon. (10:31 PM, 24 Jul 2011)
  • Exskinnybloke wrote: Can't wait to see your attempt at my 30second speed press up challange! (12:40 AM, 10 Jul 2011)
  • ThomVaugh wrote: your videos are quality chief (09:44 PM, 02 Jun 2011)
  • Worthster wrote: Congrats bear, just seen you are the top american competitor on the link deserve the title, but I think Angelo, Fazz and maybe JamesChaseOliver will be pushing you close in the future. I wish my fellow englishmen were as competitive as you. (11:04 PM, 22 Jan 2011)
  • FAZZ wrote: Good job on the competitions!!! (05:45 PM, 19 Jan 2011)
  • Just looked it over and I will def. try this one. Thanks. (11:33 PM, 18 Jan 2011)
  • BradDawson wrote: You would be good at the 'Arm Destroyer' Challenge from the look of your videos (06:54 PM, 18 Jan 2011)

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