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male, 34 years old, Swansea On the 2nd of December 2009 3 days before my birthday, i was rushing in work and fell from the roof of the property i was working at. My hand snapped back to front!! but on the bright side the surgeon said if i had landed on my head it would have killed me. I piled on the weight and started to drink ALOT of alcohol. The surgeon said my days as a gas fitter were over. I sank into a depression at the realization of having everything taken away from me. 4 months ago my girlfriend of 7 years decided she had enough, enough of the booze, enough of me being depressed and enough of me living like a hermit. I truly regret what i put her through the nights drinking alone, crying over a career i had worked for 9 years to get. But now i have a different outlook partly from the great people on my new facebook account. I can only bench 5kgs each side due to having constant pain in my wrist, but when i have the next surgery all the arthritic bones will be gone allowing me to get back into more heavy sessions. Im at quite a low skill level at the moment. I love cycling though, i try and do at least 3 soin classes a week. I have also created my own circuits which is a 20 min row,20 min cycle, and 20 min x trainer. All done with 2 mins break in between.
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