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male, 42 years old, Denham I am privileged to be involved as the Digital Director on this great site. We are hoping 2013 is a great year for us, but obviously we need your support through competing in challenges and sharing your experiences to others, to kick us on. Personal trainers, Fitness Clubs and Gyms? We are offering Fitness Channels that are totally free. Through these Channels you can motivate your clients or members with competitive challenges, integrate these challenges into your fitness classes and build your own fitness community. It cant be simpler and its free of charge. Interested? Visit http://www.konkura.com/personal-trainer-channel-request.aspx Any questions on anything, don't hesitate to contact me. Football, snooker and gym..
Latest status: I just scored 20 in the The 30 Day Plank Challenge (12:38 AM, 05 Oct 2013)

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