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Profile: HellRacer17
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male, 21 years old, State of Punjab, India hello to all.... im karam,15 years old from india lived in philipphines... and want to be athlete 'boxer' and someday ill become champion of the world... im kind,nice,strong,thin and little hot-blooded..... and to all i hope we can be good friends.... THAT'S ALL.... My sport is Boxing...... For me boxing is....... looking for it, i don't know the answer i wanna find at @the edge of limits get life, there's not much time left that's the start way! i want this only I'm searching for it in that glimmering light i hurt someone along the way, as well as me yet i'll never give up i'll keep chasing after it i can't see anything yet, why?????? that's no pain trance continue.........................................
Latest status: A long day alone Emptiness is so real Never having peace of mind Running from what I can't see And there is nowhere left to hide Turn and face these empty eyes All alone, heart untold Trying to find Take this nothingness from me I want to find I want to shine I want to rise I try to find myself I find the stranger trapped inside And I'll take one more step away From the face I used to recognize Familiar shadows closing in Suffocating fear descends It comes alive, uncovered eyes (18/07/2011 04:53 PM)

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