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female, 37 years old, La Mesa I have 10yrs Experience as a Personal Trainer, Nutritionist,Strength & Conditioning Coach, Fitness Consultant & 6yrs Experience as a Business Manager/Owner of Hard Body Personal Training. I graduated from San Diego State University with a BS emphasis in Fitness, Nutrition and Health in 2005. I'm currently certified with ACE and Save a Heart, but have also gone through & received certifications with ISSA & NASM in the past. After experiencing the phenomenal benefits exercise has given me personally over the past 24 yrs, I honestly couldn't imagine my life without it. After a workout, I feel refreshed, full of energy and relieved of stress. Exercise not makes me feel great, it's a necessity to keeping my cholesterol, blood pressure, and weight healthy. Exercise ultimately fuels my mind and body with the strength necessary to living a longer, healthier life, than otherwise possible. My Specialties: Personal,Partner & Group Training. Weight Loss,Strength & Conditioning, Endurance, Sports Specific, Flexibility, Balance & Agility Programs. Periodized Workout Program Design for All Fitness Levels & Ages. Postural Deviation Correction, Myofascial Release, PNF Stretching & Post Rehabilitation. Boot Camps, Circuit Training, Mat Pilate's, Yoga,& Functional Training. Nutritional Counseling & Menu Planning. Fitness Consultant for Corporate Wellness Programs Throughout San Diego County My Favorite Activities: Running, Hiking, Weight Lifting, Mountain Biking, Racquetball and Softball.
Latest status: I just scored 30 mins 0.0 secs in the 5k challenge (09/02/2011 02:50 AM)

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