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male, 35 years old, Sydney UNLEASHED Challenges are benchmark challenges designed to promote competition at all levels. A large part of the philosophy of UNLEASHED Training challenge and competition. The challenges featured on UNLEASHED Challenges are benchmarks, they are there for people that are serious about their fitness and will encourage an increase in the collective fitness of the general public. Check out the official page for UNLEASHED Challenges on our site here http://www.endlesshumanpotential.com/unleashed-challenges.html UNLEASHED Training is simple, it is based on natural movement or moving like an animal. UNLEASHED can be summed up as a hybrid of Tough Mudder/Urbanathlon-style training, parkour, gymnastics and scientifically analysed primal movement patterns. UNLEASHED is based on the concept of challenge, competition and teamwork. Teams work together, however everyone has their own style, their own unique method of navigating their natural environment and moving their body dynamically and powerfully. It can be practiced in a group environment or solo. Everything is geared towards the challenge, towards competition with others and individual progression. Our Philosophy? Nature happens as it happens. A cheetah runs at top speed naturally and perfects the sprint over time. A lion is muscular with no need for structured programming and fancy equipment. UNLEASHED Training is about unleashing the wild animal within. Our philosophy is teaching people to move again, to move naturally and with an animalistic quality. UNLEASHED promotes speed, agility, primal patterns of movement, running, jumping, throwing and climbing. Elite, extreme fitness!!!
Latest status: I just scored 212 in the Heaves From Hell challenge (02/07/2012 01:45 AM)

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