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Profile: AngeloBorreggine
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male, 32 years old, Brookhaven Im 27yrs old i have been an athlete most of my life. Im 5' 11'' and weigh 157lbs .....Fitness is a huge outlet for me and im very competitive so ill be looking forward to getting involved in some challenges. Bring it. Cross country, Track, weightlifting, endurance challenges, obstacle courses.
Latest status: Just joined the Max Barbell Back Squat Challenge (24/04/2012 09:41 PM)

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Challenges created2
Scores posted98
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  • FitnessGuru wrote: Are you going to try my challenges? :) (06:33 AM, 30 Mar 2012)
  • lukeaddicott wrote: can you give me some tips on how to get better at the press up and sit up tests please mate? (03:34 PM, 07 Feb 2011)
  • hahah trying man.......only been on a few weeks......welcome, good to see some more serious competitors from the US........lets shut it down. (10:20 PM, 24 Jan 2011)
  • Bear wrote: Yes, I have the original Droid. I use video on YouTube mode. Then I use the USB cord straight to computer. Save it on my desk to. (03:23 PM, 14 Jan 2011)
  • Understood my friend.........im working on uploading vids now.. im not real computer literate so bear with me, proof is on the way i assure you (01:42 PM, 13 Jan 2011)
  • Gymboy30 wrote: Englishman here - anyone can put great scores in, but you won't be believed unless you add a video clip of you doing it! I know, I've been called for it before! (11:23 AM, 13 Jan 2011)
  • Bear wrote: i just saw that one. I just did tri's and bi's yesterday. I won't be trying it for a few days. (07:03 PM, 12 Jan 2011)
  • Lets do the damn thing!!! Im taking the dip challenge today. (06:55 PM, 12 Jan 2011)
  • Bear wrote: hey Angelo. Lisa's husband here. Let's see how many UK people we can knock down from the top spots! (06:49 PM, 12 Jan 2011)

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