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male, 37 years old, Enfield Turkish Cypriot, British born male born on the 16th August 1979 in North London Cengiz is operating as a fully qualified fitness professional specialising in strength conditioning workouts for the advanced elite athletes. Cengiz is happily married with two children and lives in Enfield, North London. Being a father and husband is a high priority for him and he puts as much effort into his family as he does into his career and his own training. Cengiz encourages his family into fitness, training his wife three times a week and has signed up his three year old son with Elite Feet Football Development at Southgate Hockey Club Fields in North London. Cengiz nurtured his new way of life by wanting to make a difference after the birth of his first son. He realised that he was over weight and unhappy in his previous occupation. He decided to start Project Cengiz and revamp his body - not only to look and feel good - but to get the best out of his body mentally and physically and search for a format that can be repeated for others to use and benefit. He believes that anyone can lead as a role model when applying the right principles and has helped many talented and successful people in all walks of life with this method, all of which are regarded now as close friends and understand that fitness is away of life and what they learn and train through these principles make them more productive and the same method works in their own fields. Cengiz has designed a unique system where he promotes high intensity workouts for best and fast results under his own brand Ultimate Body Conditioning (U.B.C Training). These workouts are not like any of your usual gym or personal training sessions. They force you to push up your ability to get quicker, faster and stronger, while benefiting with a lean athletic body no matter what stage you are at with your training. Using a mixed method of resistance, cardio and gymnastics along with functional movements and continuous variation of exercises at a high intensity, this has the effect to confuse the body never leaving it to hit plateau. This will improve your sport and everyday activities and making you prepared for what ever challenges comes your way. In 2005 Cengiz achieved a Black Sash grading in the Mix Martial Arts of the WingJitsu System, co-founded by Micky Papas. This is a system that mixes Wing Chun and Jujitsu and leads on to having experience and success in competing in the San Shou tournaments. Cengiz now maintains his sport and passion for combat at MMA’s leading academy Titan Fighters also under Micky Papas. Here he has learnt to put his ability of strength and stamina with the combination of striking and grappling making him an effective all-round athlete. In 2010 Cengiz graduated as a fully qualified Rep’s registered; Level 3 Advance Personal Trainer with the country´s successful fitness college - Premier International. He believes that if you want to learn something, learn from the best! At Premier Cengiz understood the importance of the body´s make up – everything from the correct diet and that applying exercise will give you not only a good looking body, but also make you mentally and physically quicker which makes him more productive in all other areas in his life. In 2011 Cengiz attended a CrossFit workshop in Wales with CrossFit Velocity where he learnt the benefits of Constantly Varied, Functional Movements at High Intensity workouts and learnt how to keep disciplined to achieve his goals. With all of his education and experience he was quick to put his new findings into use on himself and for his clients allowing them to develop their fitness, skills and abilities at a fast rate with fantastic results. Cengiz has experience in Westminster’s main-line fitness centres and now trains and teaches at the Paramount Health and Fitness gym in Palmers Green North London where he holds classes and has been training his clients since April 2010. His goals are to set up a U.B.C Training gym specializing in strength and conditioning for advance gym users, where he can promote U.B.C Training to elite athletes, extreme fitness fanatics or individuals who need to be in great shape for the camera. CrossFit, MMA, Football, Cycling, Surfing any Extreme Sports
Latest status: Just created the Row-to-Thruster challenge (02/10/2011 08:06 PM)

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