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Profile: Sean Gym XT
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male, 52 years old, Gillingham I have created a single measure of fitness for the gym enthusiast in World Gym Challenge.com. My ambition is to see a sport of fitness develop and those that train in a gym get the recognition they deserve for the incredible levels of fitness they have achieved. The Gym Athlete was the creation of World Gym Challenge.com. The Ultimate Gym Athlete (UGA) is its annual test of speed , strength and endurance, to see who is the best Gym Athlete in the country. The UK's Fittest Gym, Gym Athlete of the Year are also events held in the sport of fitness. In 2010 and onwards, just two years away from the Olympics in the UK, there is not one recognised sport for anybody who goes to a gym and no recognition process for members of gyms who train to a very high standard, it is my aim, to see a sport of fitness develop and give recognition , to those who train hardest in a gym. Gym X Training is the only sport I compete in. I go to a gym, its the area I train in and its where I like to see my fitness improve or at least maintained. My journey has seen me fight with the FIA, struggle t get media attention and strive alamost daily to increase awareness of the sport of fitness. In the process I have competed in almost every single gym challenge in the past three years and enter every single timed split into personal folders and leader boards, as well as write reports, photograph , film, create profiles of all the leading UK Gym Athletes and the events they have entered. Creating a sport of fitness is a full time job, yet all of this has been carried out on the back of my other full time job as a Security Officer. If that shocks, you then so be it. But I started the World Gym Challenge.com website, to find The Ultimate Gym Athlete . I fought World Gym in the US and won to keep that name. And I will keep on fighting untill gyms recognise that uner the roofs they provide are some of the fittest people in the world and they deserve recognition. I created The World Gym Challenge, because, no sponsor, advertiser, gym, fitness industry expert would accept that the gym member is anything else , but a source of revenue. They are not ! They deserve to be recognised and I support Konkura 100% to increase awareness of the Gym Athlete and the gym member.
Latest status: I just scored 7 mins 39.0 secs in the Koncura/World Gym Challenge Gym Challenge (12/12/2010 10:19 AM)

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