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Profile: Hard Corps Athletics
United States Hard Corps Athletics's profile
Fitness Fanatic
male, 29 years old, North Aurora
Latest status: Just joined the Bodyweight Deadlifts in 1 Minute Trap bar challenge (10/09/2011 04:48 AM)

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Challenges 8

Bodyweight Deadlifts in 1 Minute Trap bar challenge
Joined, awaiting score
How many Bodyweight Deadlifts in a trap bar can you do in 1 minute
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Grenade Thermo Detonator: James St Leger's 600 Challenge
Joined, awaiting score
5 pull ups, 10 press ups, 15 air squats. 20 Rounds for time! Simple! Pull ups - fully extended arms to chin clearing the bar. Kipping allowed. Press ups - Chest to within 3" from floor, straight ar...
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Fastest Half Marathon
Position: 14, Score: 01:31:20.00
What's your fastest time over a half marathon distance? Post it here and let's see who's the best at this gruelling distance. My personal challenge is to run my first race ever of half marathon in...
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The Mile Run Challenge
Joined, awaiting score
This challenge is open to anyone and everyone. Simply run one whole mile as fast as possible and record your time. Always warm-up before you workout.
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Knee Jump to Box Jump for max height
Position: 2, Score: 43.00
The Knee Jump begins with you down on your knees, resting your butt on top of your heels. Your feet need to be flat on the ground, don't cheat by pushing off of your toes. You explode using the hips t...
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The Miracle Mile
Joined, awaiting score
This workout is 4 rounds. Each round you must run 400 meters and then complete 50 Air Squats. The Squats need to be below parallel (the crease of the hip must drop below the top of the knee). All 4 ro...
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Position: 4, Score: 03:49.00
30 Clean & Jerks for time. Weight to be used is 135 lbs for men, 95 lbs for women. You can do either Power or Squat Cleans. You can do either Push or Split Jerks. Really all that matters is that each ...
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Bodyweight Overhead Squats
Joined, awaiting score
Load up a barbell with your bodyweight. Ex: if you weight 165 lbs, put 165 lbs on the bar. Complete as many Overhead Squats as you can with that weight. An Overhead Squat is done with feet about s...
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