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Profile: Smiddy
England Smiddy's profile
Fitness Fanatic
male, 41 years old, Preston
Latest status: Just joined the The 1 hour Max Calorie Burn challenge (06/04/2011 05:47 AM)

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Challenges 19

The 1 hour Max Calorie Burn
Joined, awaiting score
A simple challenge - get on any item of gym equipment that measures calorie consumption, and go as hard as you can for an hour. How many calories can you burn in an hour? Treadmill, bike, rowing mac...
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Diamond Pushup Champ
Position: 31, Score: 25.00
Challenge is to complete as many diamond pushups that you can. Each diamond pushup must be completed with your feet close together and hands touching each other. You have to go down and touch your c...
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The Flexed Arm-Hang Challenge
Joined, awaiting score
The objective of this challenge is to monitor the muscular endurance of the athlete's elbow flexors and shoulder extensors. To undertake this test you will require: * Bar above head height * St...
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Dumbell Curl Challenge
Position: 7, Score: 60.00
The Dumbell Curl Challenge, it does exactly what it says on the tin! Do as many dumbell curls as you can, then record the number of reps and weight of each dumbell (this is a weight adjusted challenge...
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Core Blimey: The Ab Workout Level 1
Joined, awaiting score
'Core Blimey' is the challenge to test that six pack to the max. Whether a fitness freak aiming for first place or a novice wanting to firm up that midrift, this is the challenge for you. The challen...
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Isometric Back Strength Challenge
Joined, awaiting score
This challenge is a measure of back strength. Equipment required: Table top or padded bench as found in a gym. Procedure: Competitors must lie face down on a bench, with their upper body from th...
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The Superman Plank Workout
Position: 19, Score: 00:16.00
This workout is similar to the popular 'Plank Test', but much more difficult! Get in the superman plank position, as shown in the video below (plank position but with one arm raised in front and the o...
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Ins & Outs Core Strength Challenge
Joined, awaiting score
This challenge is a measure of abdominal core muscle strength. The aim is to do as many 'ins and outs' as possible without pause. This is how the exercise is performed (description and video): ...
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The Mega Punch Challenge
Position: 2, Score: 3,738.67
Are you more David Haye than David Walliams?? Prove it by taking the 'Mega Punch Challenge'. Unleash your most powerful punch on a punchbag machine and record the score (video evidence needed!). This ...
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The Barbell Curl Challenge
Position: 23, Score: 300.00
As many barbell curls as possible in a row. This is weight adjusted, thus the higher the weight you curl the more your reps are worth.
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T-shirts in One Minute
Position: 37, Score: 4.00
A simple, classic, fun challenge, and a great one for sports club socials or if you're with a group of friends getting ready to go out. All you need is a stopwatch and a pile of old t-shirts. Simp...
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The Plank Test Challenge
Position: 70, Score: 02:02.00
How long can you continuously hold the plank position for? Sound an easy exercise / workout? - you won't be saying that when your whole body is shaking! One tip before we get started: post video evide...
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The Keepy-Up Challenge
Position: 22, Score: 6.00
The simplest of football challenges - how many keepy-ups can you do before the ball touches the ground. Must be a normal sized footy please (size 5). Please be warned the World Record currently stands...
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Military Press
Position: 22, Score: 150.00
How many barbell lifts (from waist to above head equals one rep) can you do and at what weight?
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The Chair Dip Challenge
Position: 51, Score: 29.00
CHAIR DIP CHALLENGE is an event for everyone and their chair! Simple do as many chair dips as possible without pausing or stopping (video evidence required for validation). CHAIR DIP EXERCISE: Sit on ...
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