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Profile: Dinosaur
England Dinosaur's profile
male, 43 years old, Macclesfield
Latest status: I just scored 1 mins 1.0 secs in the Bar Hang Challenge (04:35 PM, 15 Mar 2017)

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Bar Hang Challenge
Position: 3, Score: 01:01.00
A nice simple challenge to start us off with. This challenge is open to all my Instagram friends. All you have to do is find a bar (not a bar to have a drink in I might add!) and hang on it for as lon...
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Reps Gym Preston: Octoberfest
Position: 5, Score: 0.00
Reps Gym Preston presents the 'Octoberfest' Challenge for October. This is a three event challenge, the exercises are as follows:- Event 1: ‘Reverse grip bench press on a Smiths Machine. 15kgs ea...
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How far can you row in one minute?
Position: 10, Score: 343.00
Who will win - The sportsman? The Bodybuilder? The Tall Guy? the Short Guy? The Crossfitter? The Runner? The Cyclist? You?? This challenge aims to find the person who can row the furthest distance ...
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5k beast.
Position: 16, Score: 19:11.00
Just row 5k on a Concept 2 rowing machine as fast as you can,on any resistance 1-10.
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SPOTY 2012: The Konkura Sports Personality of the Year
Position: 3, Score: 25.00
It's that time of year again: the BBC has announced the shortlist for SPOTY2012, and after a fantastic year for UK sport it's a cracker of a list featuring Bradley Wiggins, Nicola Adams, Ben Ainslie, ...
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Fingertip Pull Up challenge
Position: 5, Score: 0.00
Find a flat surface vs. the traditional round bar where you have the clearance to do pull ups. The hallway above my new staircase was the perfect height and with a hardwood floor the perfect surface....
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The Plank Test Challenge
Position: 72, Score: 02:00.00
How long can you continuously hold the plank position for? Sound an easy exercise / workout? - you won't be saying that when your whole body is shaking! One tip before we get started: post video evide...
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ClubAZ Challenge: Maximum Pull Ups
Position: 11, Score: 10.00
If you're a ClubAZ member we're going to be setting regular challenges to help you push your training to new levels. Please send us a friend request to gain access to these exclusive ClubAZ membe...
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Medicine Ball Circles
Joined, awaiting score
Take a medicine ball roughly the size of a bowling ball (mine was 12 pounds or about 5 kilo) palm it from the top and swing it around your body switching hands in the front and rear as you circle. The...
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Not for lightweights 300 challenge
Joined, awaiting score
Squat thrust - 30 reps Diamond push ups - 30 reps Burpees - 30 reps Power squat - 30 reps Alternate side plank - 30 reps Front squat - 30 reps (Olympic bar plus 10kg each side, 40kg total) Good ...
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Goalkeepingskills.com: Sit down, stand up, touch crossbar and catch drill
Position: 1, Score: 6.00
A great drill for improving your speed to your feet and your ability to make multiple saves in quick succession. Start seated. On go, get to your feet. Touch the crossbar (or as near as you c...
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Goalkeepingskills.com: 6 yard square drill
Position: 2, Score: 16.50
A great Goalkeeping skill drill to boost your agility and speed up your positional recovery. Place 4 outer cones 1 yard in from both posts to make a 6 by 6 yard square. Place 4 cones in a small 2 y...
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Goalkeepingskills.com: sit down stand up training drill
Position: 2, Score: 6.00
This drill will test and improve your ability to recover your feet quickly after a save. Goalkeeper sits down on the goal line, coach/friend throws the ball high towards them. Goalkeeper has to ge...
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Goalkeepingskills.com: footwork and hands drill
Position: 2, Score: 8.00
A Goalkeepingskills.com challenge designed to improve your footwork speed. Place 2 cones a couple of paces either side of you. You must go round one cone, return to the centre and catch the ball...
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Goalkeepingskills.com: touch cone and catch drill
Position: 2, Score: 6.00
A Goalkeepingskills.com challenge aimed at increasing your speed in covering your 6 yard box. Place two cones a couple of paces either side of you. Touch one cone, return to centre to catch the ba...
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