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Profile: PersonTrainer
England PersonTrainer's profile
male, 35 years old, Belvedere
Latest status: I just scored 60 in the The 30 Day Plank Challenge (05:38 PM, 07 Oct 2013)

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Challenges 107

The 30 Day Wall Sit Challenge
Position: 47, Score: 20.00
The 30 Day Wall Sit Challenge is aimed at all levels of fitness and is a great way to tone and strengthen your leg and buttock areas. The challenge involves completing the stated Wall Sit time each da...
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The 30 Day Plank Challenge

The 30 Day Plank Challenge follows in the footsteps of the Squat Challenge, and will send your core strength through the roof! In this advanced challenge you follow the original 30 Day Plank Challeng...
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Medicine Ball Circles
Position: 3, Score: 174.55
Take a medicine ball roughly the size of a bowling ball (mine was 12 pounds or about 5 kilo) palm it from the top and swing it around your body switching hands in the front and rear as you circle. The...
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2 Minute Deadlift Challenge
Joined, awaiting score
In 2 minutes, lift as much accumulated weight as you can with a standard deadlift. The weight must sit back onto the floor between reps and come into full extension at the top. You may change the weig...
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Push-up to 1 Arm Row
Position: 6, Score: 33.32
The 'Push-up to 1 Arm Row' challenge involves completing as many continuous reps of the below exercise. Each rep constitutes completing a push-up followed by a one armed row whilst holding a dumbbell ...
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Health Habits Fitness Challenge #2
Position: 6, Score: 49.00
1 arm Shoulder Press 25 reps per arm, using a dumbbell equal to 25% of your bodyweight Fastest time wins Strict form - this isn't a Push Press
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100 Pound Heavy/Sprint Challenge
Position: 1, Score: 39.00
Carry a 100 pound heavy bag as fast as you can 100 yards (or 91.4 meters), then body slam the bag, leave the bag and sprint back to the starting line. Check your time.
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The Alternative Gym Triathlon
Joined, awaiting score
Like the other gym triathlon challenges, this requires you to complete a run, row and cycle in the gym. However, instead of distance based, it's time based. So, you run for 10minutes, then row for 10m...
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FitBrit Challenge (Men)
Position: 2, Score: 17:24.00
Men's Fitness and Fitness First bring the Fitbrit Challenge! 2011 overall winner was Richard Vint who completed the workout in an amazing time of 10 minutes 22 seconds. The aim is to complete the fo...
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Burpee Muscle-Ups
Joined, awaiting score
How many Burpee Muscle-Ups can you do in 1 minute? (Feel free to use rings, if you think you're really good!)
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Sit-ups & Running
Joined, awaiting score
4 rounds for time of: 50 Sit-ups Run 400 meters Full range of motion for the Sit-ups is shoulder blade touches the floor on the way down, and the shoulders touch the knees on the way up. You can ...
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Joined, awaiting score
The barbell skullcrusher challenge is scored on number of reps and weight of barbell used. Instructions: Preparation: Lie on bench with narrow overhand grip on barbell. Position barbell over sho...
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Fitball - Superman
Position: 4, Score: 00:02.00
This is similar to one of the many plank varieties, but on a fitball - which is great for your core stability. Balance on the fitball using only one hand and the opposite knee. The other hand and le...
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FLEXIBILITY - Sit and Reach
Joined, awaiting score
So you have big strong muscles? Shame if you couldn't use them to their maximum potential. With greater flexibility, you could kick a ball further, take a longer running stride, punch harder, etc. ...
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Bleep Test - VO2Max
Joined, awaiting score
This test measures your maximum oxygen uptake (VO2Max). You will perform a shuttle run between 2 marker points, 20m apart. Run in time to the beeps from the beep test recording (available on iTu...
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