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Profile: DagobertoChapa
United States DagobertoChapa's profile
male, 44 years old, San Antonio
Latest status: Just joined the The Conor McGregor Challenge (08:18 PM, 29 Feb 2016)

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Challenges 71

The Conor McGregor Challenge
Joined, awaiting score
Conor McGregor is an MMA phenomenon who has taken the UFC by storm. His knockout of the p4p king Jose Aldo sent shockwaves round the fighting world and made Conor a global star. Luckily you won't hav...
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The Fitness Forum: Ask, Answer, Advise and Chat
Position: 1, Score: 1.95
This is the fitness forum where you can ask questions about fitness, exercise or sport, answer other competitors questions, inform people of the latest fitness craze or simply chat and banter with you...
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6 Inches Foot Raise
Joined, awaiting score
Lay Down Straight and lift both of your legs 6-12 inches of the ground! Time it and post your record on the score sheet!
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The Push-Up Challenge
Position: 4, Score: 101.00
The Push-Up Challenge is the ultimate in push-up endurance. We're not asking you to do a measly minute, no, the aim of this game is to do as many continuous push-ups as you can. "Get down, and give me...
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180 reps TRX challenge
Joined, awaiting score
Perform 5 exercises on TRX as fast as you can keeping proper form(watch sample video). 1. Suspended 1 leg burpees 10/side(changing side included in time) untangle straps(included in time) 2.40 rows...
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Burpee Muscle-Ups
Joined, awaiting score
How many Burpee Muscle-Ups can you do in 1 minute? (Feel free to use rings, if you think you're really good!)
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The Ultimate Plank Test
Position: 9, Score: 01:41.00
How long can you continuously hold yourself in a lowered push-up position (see challenge photo for example). Your arms must be in a position where your forearm is at 90 degrees from your bicep. Your b...
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Isometric Back Strength Challenge
Position: 6, Score: 03:02.00
This challenge is a measure of back strength. Equipment required: Table top or padded bench as found in a gym. Procedure: Competitors must lie face down on a bench, with their upper body from th...
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The Arm Destroyer Work out
Position: 8, Score: 20:05.00
This challenge is the ultimate in bicep, tricep and upperbody workouts for those in a rush! All you need is a pull-up bar, chair and stopwatch. Your mission, should you accept it, is to complete the f...
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The Superman Plank Workout
Joined, awaiting score
This workout is similar to the popular 'Plank Test', but much more difficult! Get in the superman plank position, as shown in the video below (plank position but with one arm raised in front and the o...
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Parrallel Leg Raise
Joined, awaiting score
Lie on your back, legs together and straight. Raise your legs so your ankles are 12 inches off the floor; Start the timer!! Also allowed to do it from a bench and keep your whole body in a straight l...
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The Side Plank Test
Joined, awaiting score
How long can you continuously hold yourself in the Side Plank Position (see challenge photo for example). Rest one forearm on the floor with the other to the side or raised in the air. One tip before ...
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The Dip King
Position: 18, Score: 25.00
Are you "King of the Dips?" Now's the time to prove it. Get on your dipping bar and do as many as you can. The count stops once you pause for more than 5 seconds or come off the bar. Could you be the ...
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500m rowing machine sprint
Position: 17, Score: 01:26.12
Simple - a 500m sprint on the Concept II rowing machine, any fan setting, to see how fast you are. Oh yeah, it's weight corrected, so your time will be adjusted to give you a lower score the lighte...
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The 5 stroke challenge!
Position: 6, Score: 126.00
Simple: - get on a Concept II rowing machine - Make sure the display is set to "just row" and showing metres not calories or watts - Set the fan to 10 to maximise power - Make sure the fan i...
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