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Profile: Bear
United States Bear's profile
male, 41 years old, Boothwyn
Latest status: I just scored 1474 in the Murderous Mason Twists. challenge (04/03/2012 08:21 PM)

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Challenges 119

Murderous Mason Twists.
Position: 1, Score: 1,474.00
Adopt the Mason Twist posistion (sat on floor with legs raised)Place a weight betwwen your feet. If your still ok your doing well!! Then use another weight to give some resistance to your reps. Your a...
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Crucifix Push up
Position: 2, Score: 20.00
View the video! The proposed exercise world Champion CT Fletcher
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100kg Bench Press for Reps
Position: 4, Score: 11.00
Bench press 100kg for reps to failure. Most reps wins.
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150kg Dead lift for Reps
Position: 2, Score: 8.00
Dead lift 150kg for reps to failure, straps will be allowed. It is not necessary to touch the bar to the ground between reps.
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Grenade Thermo Detonator: Dumbbell Curl and Press Challenge
Joined, awaiting score
With alternate arms, curl and press a 16kg Dumbbell, keeping legs locked, and only allowing slight torso movement to 'cheat' curl the weight. No putting the weight down, no resting it on your legs, no...
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Joined, awaiting score
30 Clean & Jerks for time. Weight to be used is 135 lbs for men, 95 lbs for women. You can do either Power or Squat Cleans. You can do either Push or Split Jerks. Really all that matters is that each ...
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Grenade Thermo Detonator: James St Leger's 600 Challenge
Joined, awaiting score
5 pull ups, 10 press ups, 15 air squats. 20 Rounds for time! Simple! Pull ups - fully extended arms to chin clearing the bar. Kipping allowed. Press ups - Chest to within 3" from floor, straight ar...
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The Alternating Medicine Ball Press-Ups in One Minute Challenge
Position: 2, Score: 49.00
Well that's a mouthful! The aim of this challenge is to complete as many medicine ball press-ups as possible in one minute, switching arm each rep. Not sure how to do it - watch the provided video. Vi...
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*Extreme Challenge* The muscle up.
Joined, awaiting score
This challenge is for the seriously strong/ well trained. Good technique is essential, to even make one possible! For this challenge the muscle up must be done on a bar. The winner is the person wh...
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Bicep Curl. A quarter of your bodyweight per arm!
Joined, awaiting score
As above. Take your bodyweight and quarter it. Use the closest set of dumbells to that weight, using rounding. Alternating rep rep reps, untill failure. Strict form, and video proof please!
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The Plank Test Challenge

How long can you continuously hold the plank position for? Sound an easy exercise / workout? - you won't be saying that when your whole body is shaking! One tip before we get started: post video evide...
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Pull-Up Challenge
Position: 17, Score: 26.83
How many pull-ups (wide or narrow grip) can you complete without pause? (* a pause constitutes stopping for more than 3 seconds whilst still on the bar).
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Chin-up Challenge
Position: 7, Score: 26.00
How many chin-ups can you complete without rest? These can be either wide or narrow grip, with the competitors chin touching or being level with the bar for each rep. Note: a chin-up is with palms fac...
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The One Minute Burpee Press-up Challenge
Position: 4, Score: 84.00
Blast out as many burpees as you can in 30 seconds, then immediately move on to press-ups for a 30 seconds. The whole exercise will take you a minute - if you make it to the end!!
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The Chair Dip Challenge
Position: 5, Score: 110.00
CHAIR DIP CHALLENGE is an event for everyone and their chair! Simple do as many chair dips as possible without pausing or stopping (video evidence required for validation). CHAIR DIP EXERCISE: Sit on ...
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