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Profile: ArronReed
England ArronReed's profile
Fitness Fanatic
male, 27 years old, United Kingdom (general), United Kingdom
Latest status: I just scored 145 in the Push Ups In One Minute Challenge (09:09 PM, 10 Feb 2013)

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Challenges 10

The Keepy-Up Challenge
Position: 9, Score: 50.00
The simplest of football challenges - how many keepy-ups can you do before the ball touches the ground. Must be a normal sized footy please (size 5). Please be warned the World Record currently stands...
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Wall Sit
Position: 10, Score: 06:16.00
Test out the endurance of your legs with this exercise. Find a wall, slide down, and "sit" with your knees bent at a 90 degree angle for as long as you can. Be sure to film your attempt, it would ...
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The Dip King
Position: 4, Score: 54.00
Are you "King of the Dips?" Now's the time to prove it. Get on your dipping bar and do as many as you can. The count stops once you pause for more than 5 seconds or come off the bar. Could you be the ...
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The Alternating Medicine Ball Press-Ups in One Minute Challenge
Position: 3, Score: 48.00
Well that's a mouthful! The aim of this challenge is to complete as many medicine ball press-ups as possible in one minute, switching arm each rep. Not sure how to do it - watch the provided video. Vi...
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The Dip and Curl Challenge
Position: 1, Score: 141.81
This challenge is for those who like to push themselves to the edge and beyond! The challenge lasts for 2 minutes and involves completing as many dips as possible within 1 minute, followed immediately...
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1.5 Mile Run
Position: 1, Score: 07:10.00
How fast can you run 1.5 miles?
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Position: 11, Score: 01:35.00
Have you ever been told that you're hard headed? If so, then this is the challenge for you. It's very simple, get in the headstand position and stay there as long as you can. Good luck.
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How much can you deadlift
Position: 9, Score: 187.50
One rep max using olympic bar and perfect technique???
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