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Profile: AndyWeaver
United States AndyWeaver's profile
male, 53 years old, Newport Beach
Latest status: I just scored 30 in the Squat yourself AND your bodyweight! challenge (04:41 AM, 24 Feb 2017)

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Challenges 336

100kg Bench Press for Reps
Position: 10, Score: 1.00
Bench press 100kg for reps to failure. Most reps wins.
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Max Standing Barbell Shoulder Press 5 Rep Strength Challenge
Position: 2, Score: 130.00
Press the bar from your front shoulders overhead until your elbows are locked for 5 complete reps. Your knees and hips must remain locked through the whole movement otherwise you're doing Push Preses ...
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Deadlift 1 rep max
Position: 3, Score: 165.00
Maximum weight in KG that you can so for one repetition.
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weighted pullups with 25kgs for 3 reps
Challenge completed!
perform 3 clean reps of pullups with 25kgs attached to your bodyweight. This creates amazing strength and power.
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The Conor McGregor Challenge
Position: 1, Score: 2.00
Conor McGregor is an MMA phenomenon who has taken the UFC by storm. His knockout of the p4p king Jose Aldo sent shockwaves round the fighting world and made Conor a global star. Luckily you won't hav...
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2015 Sit-up/Push-up/Squat Challenge
Position: 1, Score: 58,620.00
Like AndyWeaver states, "Make your own goal and see if you can stick to it for a year". This challenge is to do sit-ups/push-ups/squats in any form & number you are capable of accomplishing, and then ...
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150kg Dead lift for Reps
Position: 4, Score: 6.00
Dead lift 150kg for reps to failure, straps will be allowed. It is not necessary to touch the bar to the ground between reps.
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Walking Plank
Position: 1, Score: 28.00
How many walking planks can you do? (Up and down = 1) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0EePC0_n6J4
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Barbell Hold Bodyweight for Time
Position: 1, Score: 01:00.00
You grab a regular 45 lb barbell and you hold it double overhand no hook grip no wraps nothing on your hands that can assist you in the gripping of the bar.
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6 x 30/30r rowing challenge
Position: 3, Score: 918.00
Here's a real quick workout that will test you to your limit and be a real measure of your power and fitness. Set up a Concept II rowing machine for intervals of 30 sec work, 30 sec rest and set le...
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Position: 1, Score: 4.00
Everyone should take pride and have passion in striving to achieve there ideal physique whether it be to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, zyzz, Ronnie Colemann or just to lose that pot belly. today...
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Longest Deadlift
Position: 1, Score: 01:00.00
Set up a barbell with your body weight on it. Perform one deadlift and hold that position as long as you can.
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1 Leg in the AIR push ups
Position: 2, Score: 20.00
1)Raise both legs onto a chair 2)Now raise 1 LEG IN THE AIR 3)Arms to be 3 fists away from shoulder width 4)On your FISTS 5)Go close to the ground NB !No STOPPING at the top Highest number of pu...
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Position: 2, Score: 5.00
Works the ABS. Grip the Parallel bars/Table ends/Pull up bars/Dip station bars Using the ABS,lift both STRAIGHT legs UP till they are Parellel/close to Parallel to the FLOOR. LOWER both Straight le...
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