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Profile: stevie
England stevie's profile
male, 54 years old, Skelmersdale
Latest status: Just joined the The 30 Day Plank Challenge (05:40 PM, 07 Oct 2013)

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Challenges 39

The 30 Day Plank Challenge

The 30 Day Plank Challenge follows in the footsteps of the Squat Challenge, and will send your core strength through the roof! In this advanced challenge you follow the original 30 Day Plank Challeng...
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Blast Training System: Bicep Blast Challenge
Position: 1, Score: 13:04.00
My name is Ryan Hughes and I am one of the first two IFBB Men’s Physique Pros in the US. I am also the creator of the “Blast Training System,” BodySpace Spokesmodel finalist, published fitness model, ...
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double pull ups
Joined, awaiting score
bars 16 inches apart - or further, plyo between the two with a full pull up on the second bar. climbing at the end due to failure allowed for a max of two reps
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Fitball - Pike
Joined, awaiting score
This will challenge your abs like nothing else! Start out with your hands on the floor and your feet together on the ball (like a press-up). Keeping your legs and back straight, bring the ball towar...
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Fitball - Superman
Joined, awaiting score
This is similar to one of the many plank varieties, but on a fitball - which is great for your core stability. Balance on the fitball using only one hand and the opposite knee. The other hand and le...
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Grenade Thermo Detonator: Dumbbell Curl and Press Challenge
Position: 3, Score: 94.00
With alternate arms, curl and press a 16kg Dumbbell, keeping legs locked, and only allowing slight torso movement to 'cheat' curl the weight. No putting the weight down, no resting it on your legs, no...
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Plyometric box jump for height (height adjusted)
Joined, awaiting score
Jump as high as you can onto a plyo box or whatever will work for you. You are not allowed to take a step. Feet must be planted...then just jump. To calculate: take the height of the box and div...
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Core Blimey: The Ab Workout Level 1
Joined, awaiting score
'Core Blimey' is the challenge to test that six pack to the max. Whether a fitness freak aiming for first place or a novice wanting to firm up that midrift, this is the challenge for you. The challen...
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The Bar Hang Challenge
Joined, awaiting score
How long can you hang on a bar for? Sound easy - then prove it by hangin tough!
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The Side Plank Test
Joined, awaiting score
How long can you continuously hold yourself in the Side Plank Position (see challenge photo for example). Rest one forearm on the floor with the other to the side or raised in the air. One tip before ...
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The Alternator
Joined, awaiting score
This challenge involves doing alternate wide grip and normal grip push-ups until failure. The highest number of continuous push-ups wins. Wide grip push-ups constitute hands positioned at right angles...
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The Lying Crucifix Challenge
Joined, awaiting score
This strength / endurance workout involves holding weight(dumbells) out to your side whilst laid on your back. The weights should be at approx . a 45% degree angle off the ground, and remain in that p...
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Alternating 1 arm pushups
Joined, awaiting score
Alternating 1 arm pushups must be done without stopping or pausing. You must go down to where you arm is at 90 degrees (bicep parallel to the ground), push yourself back up and immediately alternate ...
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Tabletop Plank / Body Prop
Joined, awaiting score
This is an ultimate plank challenge: a full "tabletop" plank (some call this a "Body Prop")- arms and legs straight out, between two stable objects, with your body nearly flat across between them wit...
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The Superman Plank Workout
Joined, awaiting score
This workout is similar to the popular 'Plank Test', but much more difficult! Get in the superman plank position, as shown in the video below (plank position but with one arm raised in front and the o...
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