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Profile: colsh
Scotland colsh's profile
Fitness Fanatic
male, 28 years old, Glasgow
Latest status: I just scored 135 in the How much can you deadlift challenge (11/5/2010 3:42:44 PM)

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Challenges 15

Military Press
Position: 15, Score: 168.75
How many barbell lifts (from waist to above head equals one rep) can you do and at what weight?
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Dumbell Curl Challenge
Position: 24, Score: 15.60
The Dumbell Curl Challenge, it does exactly what it says on the tin! Do as many dumbell curls as you can, then record the number of reps and weight of each dumbell (this is a weight adjusted challenge...
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The Barbell Curl Challenge
Position: 9, Score: 840.00
As many barbell curls as possible in a row. This is weight adjusted, thus the higher the weight you curl the more your reps are worth.
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Chin-up Challenge
Position: 8, Score: 26.00
How many chin-ups can you complete without rest? These can be either wide or narrow grip, with the competitors chin touching or being level with the bar for each rep. Note: a chin-up is with palms fac...
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One Arm Pushups
Position: 10, Score: 924.00
BEWARE!!THIS IS ONLY FOR THE STRONG!!!You need to do continuous pushups on ONLY ONE arm using correct posture: back straight, arm bending at 90 degrees in the lowering and straight in the lifting. T...
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The Greatest Workout Song - Ever
Position: 10, Score: 10.00
All athletes know the benefit of great music to push you through the last mile, to squeeze out that last rep or to re-ignite a disappointing session. The aim of this challenge is to find the greatest ...
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General fitness challenge
Position: 12, Score: 400.00
OK, this one's simple: How much time do you spend exercising each week? We're not counting a game of darts or a gentle walk - or "yoga" for that matter - we're talking honest sweat and toil in th...
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Pull-Up Challenge
Position: 21, Score: 22.28
How many pull-ups (wide or narrow grip) can you complete without pause? (* a pause constitutes stopping for more than 3 seconds whilst still on the bar).
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Bench press
Position: 20, Score: 68.00
We all know it's the most useless indicator of strength but the bench press remains the standard. Simply what is the heaviest weight (kg) you can perform 10 full reps on.
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Combined One Rep Max Challenge
Position: 10, Score: 5.59
Strength is arguably the most important element of fitness. Without strength the other elements are next to useless – strength is the foundation of all our physical abilities This expert challenge ...
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Max Benchpress Challenge
Position: 16, Score: 90.00
What is the maximum benchpress you can complete in kgs? It doesn't matter how many reps you do with this workout, just what you can actually lift. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgG6f56Ewl4 Alway...
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How much can you deadlift
Position: 13, Score: 135.00
One rep max using olympic bar and perfect technique???
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Push Ups In One Minute Challenge
Position: 32, Score: 72.00
How many push ups/press ups (depending what you prefer to call them) can you squeeze out in a single minute? NOT on your knees, proper full-blooded push-ups (although because this is a speed chall...
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Position: 4, Score: 6.90
what car you driving, whats the spec and how quick can it go from 0-60mph?
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Handstand press ups
Position: 5, Score: 18.00
Straight handstand against a door/wall, head needs to touch floor, clean press to full arm extension..
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