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Profile: AngeloBorreggine
United States AngeloBorreggine's profile
male, 34 years old, Brookhaven
Latest status: Just joined the Max Barbell Back Squat Challenge (24/04/2012 09:41 PM)

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Challenges 74

Max Barbell Back Squat Challenge
Joined, awaiting score
What is the single rep maximum barbell back squat you lifted today? Rules: No media (-40%) and photo only (-25%) penalties. Lift must have been completed within 48 hours of posting (current lifts ...
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Benchpress Oblivion Workout
Joined, awaiting score
'Benchpress Oblivion' is the ultimate benchpressing challenge. Load 10kg onto each side of your barbell. Starting with a narrow grip, where your thumbs are touching, complete 6 benchpresses. Without...
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Trail running (Half Marathon)
Position: 4, Score: 01:49:00.00
Trail running is a variant on running that differs markedly from road running and track running. Trail running generally takes place on hiking trails, most commonly single track trails, although fire ...
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The Upside Down Dip Challenge
Joined, awaiting score
Find dips easy - then try them upside down! This workout involves getting into the dip position, then truning upside down and doing as many continuous upside dips as possible. http://www.youtube.c...
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The Flexed Arm-Hang Challenge
Joined, awaiting score
The objective of this challenge is to monitor the muscular endurance of the athlete's elbow flexors and shoulder extensors. To undertake this test you will require: * Bar above head height * St...
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L sit challenge
Position: 6, Score: 00:47.00
How long can you stay up in the dreaded L sit position legs must be straight, parallel bars are aloud... good luck!
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Dumbell Curl Challenge
Position: 13, Score: 40.90
The Dumbell Curl Challenge, it does exactly what it says on the tin! Do as many dumbell curls as you can, then record the number of reps and weight of each dumbell (this is a weight adjusted challenge...
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Speed Punch Challenge
Joined, awaiting score
Either with a punchbag or just in the air, how many punches can you throw in a minute? You don't need to do perfect jabs, but at least some arm extension is needed
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The Plyometric Jump Squat Challenge
Joined, awaiting score
Complete as many jump squats as you can in 2 minutes. To make the grade, the squat has to be what is known as ‘A2G’ (arse to ground) and the jump has to clear 12 inches off the floor. The jump squa...
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Tabletop Plank / Body Prop
Joined, awaiting score
This is an ultimate plank challenge: a full "tabletop" plank (some call this a "Body Prop")- arms and legs straight out, between two stable objects, with your body nearly flat across between them wit...
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The Sargant Jump Challenge
Joined, awaiting score
To complete this challenge you may require the following: * Wall * Chalk * Tape measure * Step Ladder / chair THE CHALLENGE: Prior to completing this challenge the competitor should 'warm up' ...
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30-Minute Treadmill Interval Workout
Joined, awaiting score
The aim of this treadmill cardio challenge is to complete the interval training as listed below. The winner is the person who travels the furthest distance in the 30 minutes. TIME SPEED IN...
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The Dumbell Only Workout
Position: 1, Score: 3,557.62
This challenge /workout can be done anywhere - all you need is a set of dumbells and a will to win. The aim is to find the overall dumbell champion who can do the most reps of each exercise with the ...
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Ins & Outs Core Strength Challenge
Position: 12, Score: 79.00
This challenge is a measure of abdominal core muscle strength. The aim is to do as many 'ins and outs' as possible without pause. This is how the exercise is performed (description and video): ...
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Isometric Back Strength Challenge
Position: 4, Score: 03:03.00
This challenge is a measure of back strength. Equipment required: Table top or padded bench as found in a gym. Procedure: Competitors must lie face down on a bench, with their upper body from th...
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