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Profile: Strongabs569
England Strongabs569's profile
male, 30 years old, Southam
Latest status: I just scored 8 mins 0.0 secs in the Glute Bridge Hold challenge (05:53 PM, 13 Nov 2014)

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Glute Bridge Hold
Position: 2, Score: 08:00.00
How long can you stay in the Glute Bridge position for? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zh1RAet3IKY
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Longest Situp Hold
Position: 1, Score: 05:00.00
Do half a situp and hold yourself up for as long as you can.
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The Chair Dip Challenge
Position: 54, Score: 25.00
CHAIR DIP CHALLENGE is an event for everyone and their chair! Simple do as many chair dips as possible without pausing or stopping (video evidence required for validation). CHAIR DIP EXERCISE: Sit on ...
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Triangle's Edge
Position: 2, Score: 03:25.00
Stand facing a wall with your hands above your head, palms against the wall. Now, walk backward from the wall, keeping your hands on the wall. Stop walking when your body forms a straight line, like o...
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Longest Ab Crunch Hold
Position: 4, Score: 01:00.00
Do one ab crunch and hold yourself up for as long as you can. Keep your shoulders off the floor. Your knees should be bent. Your hands can be held behind your head or on your chest.
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Alternating one-armed plank
Position: 1, Score: 03:14.00
Make a slightly wider stance than a normal plank, now plank using just one arm, as that arm fatigues, switch to the other. Keep alternating as long as you can. Transition between arms should be a sp...
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6 Inches Foot Raise
Position: 1, Score: 05:06.00
Lay Down Straight and lift both of your legs 6-12 inches of the ground! Time it and post your record on the score sheet!
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Spiderman Hold
Position: 5, Score: 01:00.00
The Spiderman is a great body tension exercise. Start in a press up position and move your legs and arms outwards until your body is as close as possible to the floor. The further out you move your ha...
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the bridge
Position: 3, Score: 07:00.00
how long can u hold yourself up in the bridge position
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The Flexed Arm-Hang Challenge
Position: 4, Score: 01:30.00
The objective of this challenge is to monitor the muscular endurance of the athlete's elbow flexors and shoulder extensors. To undertake this test you will require: * Bar above head height * St...
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Wondrous Wall Stands
Position: 1, Score: 05:00.00
Ok, it's time to see you who really believes that pain is mental. Find a wall, any wall, and slide down with lower back and shoulder blades against the wall. Keep your heels under your knees whi...
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Stork Stand Challenge
Position: 1, Score: 02:00.00
To assess the ability to balance on the ball of the foot Remove shoes and place the hands on the hips, then position the non-supporting foot against the inside knee of the supporting leg. To begin r...
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L sit challenge
Position: 24, Score: 00:10.00
How long can you stay up in the dreaded L sit position legs must be straight, parallel bars are aloud... good luck!
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One Legged Wall Squat
Position: 1, Score: 03:00.00
Have you tried the Wall Squat Challenge? Is it to easy? Well, take one off the floor and then see how you do... The 'One legged wall squat challenge' rules are as follows:- 1) Stand comfortably ...
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Kettlebell Farmers Walk 400m
Position: 2, Score: 03:40.00
Step one, map out a 400 meter or 1/4 mile course. Could be a local track or in my case a 50 meter out and back in the parking lot to try and get it on video. Step 2 get two kettlebells that total ...
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