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Profile: Exskinnybloke
England Exskinnybloke's profile
male, 23 years old, Manchester
Latest status: Just joined the Burpee Muscle-Ups challenge (20/01/2012 01:14 PM)

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Challenges 65

Burpee Muscle-Ups
Joined, awaiting score
How many Burpee Muscle-Ups can you do in 1 minute? (Feel free to use rings, if you think you're really good!)
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Joined, awaiting score
This will test your hand-eye co-ordination. What you will need is a smooth wall, a tennis ball, a tape measure, and a clock. Stand behind a line, 2m away from the wall. Toss the ball (underhand) on...
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The Men's Health 25 Pull-Up Challenge
Joined, awaiting score
The Men's Health 25 Pull-up Challenge winner will be the person who perform's 25 pull-ups with the best form. This is a vote based challenge. What's that on the floor there? Ah yes, a gauntlet. Wi...
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Dumbbell Bent-Over Row
Joined, awaiting score
Dumbbell Bent-over Row: Max reps x max weight. Instructions: Preparation: Kneel over side of bench by placing knee and hand of supporting arm on bench. Position foot of opposite leg slightly b...
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Joined, awaiting score
The barbell skullcrusher challenge is scored on number of reps and weight of barbell used. Instructions: Preparation: Lie on bench with narrow overhand grip on barbell. Position barbell over sho...
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"Hardest pushup in the world?"
Joined, awaiting score
This is basically a "superman" pushup. 1. start out lying on the floor with arms stretched out in front of you. 2. palms about shoulder width apart 3. feet no more then 1' apart 4. Must ke...
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Grenade Thermo Detonator: Dumbbell Curl and Press Challenge
Joined, awaiting score
With alternate arms, curl and press a 16kg Dumbbell, keeping legs locked, and only allowing slight torso movement to 'cheat' curl the weight. No putting the weight down, no resting it on your legs, no...
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squat & deadlift
Joined, awaiting score
weigh your self then place that weight on a smith machine do the same with a olympic bar infront of the smith machine, now follow this 1st min one rep on a squat and dead lift 2nd min 2 reps on ea...
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*Extreme Challenge* The muscle up.
Position: 9, Score: 0.35
This challenge is for the seriously strong/ well trained. Good technique is essential, to even make one possible! For this challenge the muscle up must be done on a bar. The winner is the person wh...
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Up Downs
Position: 3, Score: 16.00
How many up downs can you do in 1 min.? Sound Easy??? Give it a try. **Must hit chest off ground and must take at least 2 steps when standing before dropping to the ground again**
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Diamond Face pushups
Position: 7, Score: 12.00
In a pushup position, make a diamond (more like a Spade) with your hands that will be under your head (not your chest). Must go down to where your nose and chin touch floor in between your hands and ...
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10 Rep, Bench Press, Weight Adjusted.
Position: 2, Score: 114.29
Strict form. Lower to 1inch from Chest mimimum. Do not let the bar touch the chest. Video proof would be great! 7foot bar advisable. Flat bench.
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Bicep Curl. A quarter of your bodyweight per arm!
Position: 2, Score: 28.00
As above. Take your bodyweight and quarter it. Use the closest set of dumbells to that weight, using rounding. Alternating rep rep reps, untill failure. Strict form, and video proof please!
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Shoulder Press. A quarter of your bodyweight per arm!
Position: 2, Score: 22.00
Half your bodyweight, and pick a set of dumbells closest to that weight... Then complete seated dumbell shoulder press for as many similtainious reps as possible. (Each similtainious rep counts as on...
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Deadlift your bodyweight!
Position: 4, Score: 11.00
Load a standard 7foot bar with your bodyweight. Strict form. Do as many reps as possible! (Max rest period between reps 5 seconds)
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