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Profile: Bear
United States Bear's profile
male, 41 years old, Boothwyn
Latest status: I just scored 1474 in the Murderous Mason Twists. challenge (04/03/2012 08:21 PM)

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Challenges 119

Shoulder Press. A quarter of your bodyweight per arm!
Position: 1, Score: 32.00
Half your bodyweight, and pick a set of dumbells closest to that weight... Then complete seated dumbell shoulder press for as many similtainious reps as possible. (Each similtainious rep counts as on...
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Wall Sit
Position: 17, Score: 04:24.00
Test out the endurance of your legs with this exercise. Find a wall, slide down, and "sit" with your knees bent at a 90 degree angle for as long as you can. Be sure to film your attempt, it would ...
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Push Ups In One Minute Challenge
Position: 7, Score: 105.00
How many push ups/press ups (depending what you prefer to call them) can you squeeze out in a single minute? NOT on your knees, proper full-blooded push-ups (although because this is a speed chall...
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Ninja Warrior Training - Push-ups
Joined, awaiting score
Here are 10 variations of push-ups which will test your strength and agility to the limit. The challenge is to complete, at different times, as many continuous reps of each. The below video demonstrat...
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In The Air
Position: 3, Score: 01:02.00
1-sit on floor,shin on the floor . 2-thighs(quads) parallel to shins. 3-place fists on the floor or hold push up bars. 4-raise body off the ground ie.legs off the ground. 5-record the time body re...
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2 knuckle tips push ups
Position: 2, Score: 15.00
NB!!! MUST BE DONE ON TILES OR CEMENT FLOOR.NOT CARPET 1-get into normal push ups position,narrow or wide. 2-change from palm to fist position. 3-NOW,ONLY THE TIPS OF INDEX & MIDDLE FINGERS MUST BE...
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Clam reps
Position: 3, Score: 275.00
Whats the highest number of clam reps you can do? - while were at it, is this number the same for both legs?
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The Fastest Can of Coke Challenge
Position: 10, Score: 18.00
Take a can of coke, pepsi or any other suitably fizzy carbonated beverage, and down it as fast as possible. It really is that simple!
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The One Legged Balance Challenge
Position: 10, Score: 07:13.00
Simple challenge, how long can you balance on one leg in the position shown in the challenge picture for without assistance? Sounds easy?? - prove it!
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Deadlift your bodyweight!
Position: 2, Score: 40.00
Load a standard 7foot bar with your bodyweight. Strict form. Do as many reps as possible! (Max rest period between reps 5 seconds)
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Speed Press Ups! -In 30 Seconds!
Position: 4, Score: 47.00
Speed press ups! Full movement pressups, good form,hands a little wider than shoulder width. Perfect for everyone, a duration where constant press ups are achiveable, or where the real elite guys c...
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5 fingers push ups
Position: 2, Score: 42.00
1-get to push ups position. 2-body must be in a straight line from head to ankles. 3-do push ups on all finger tips Most continuous pushups wins.....
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Clap Hands
Position: 2, Score: 30.00
clap hands is a push up and a clap at the top.you must clap hands near your chest not near the floor. Beware!if you are not strong you can end up kissing the floor!
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Ins & Outs Core Strength Challenge
Position: 10, Score: 83.00
This challenge is a measure of abdominal core muscle strength. The aim is to do as many 'ins and outs' as possible without pause. This is how the exercise is performed (description and video): ...
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The Superman Plank Workout
Position: 2, Score: 01:45.00
This workout is similar to the popular 'Plank Test', but much more difficult! Get in the superman plank position, as shown in the video below (plank position but with one arm raised in front and the o...
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