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Profile: BradDawson
England BradDawson's profile
male, 29 years old, Fole
Latest status: I just scored 20 in the The 30 Day Wall Sit Challenge (12:22 PM, 07 Oct 2013)

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Lila's Challenge
Position: 2, Score: 01:58.00
My 8 year old daughter works out with me and came up with this challenge. She really wants to join the site but is too young :( This is a time based challenge, fastest to complete the three events...
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Joined, awaiting score
Guys and Girls! The challenge is a simple one. The goal is to complete 100 Burpees (with jump) 100 press ups and 100 crunches in the fastest time possible. Its a great test of cardio and muscular endu...
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KettleBell Killer!
Position: 1, Score: 0.00
Hi Guys,this is not a fitness challenge, just a really great workout. I will typically do one full circuit after a heavy weight session. However on a really busy day if i can only find 30 minutes to t...
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The 24' Incline Tricep Dips..
Position: 6, Score: 28.00
This is a hideous Tricep Dips challenge with a difference, the focus is mostly on the bench or chair which must be 24' or two feet off the floor..The body can be upright or slightly tilted but the tec...
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High bar pull over
Position: 2, Score: 3.00
From a hanging position on a high bar, pull yourself over the bar feet first, that is one rep. See how many you can do without touching the ground. You are allowed to rest by hanging or at the top le...
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The 180 Degree Tricep Dips
Position: 6, Score: 52.00
The 180 degree full tricep dip is a new variant to the original bench/chair dip...The palms must turn about face, legs slightly bent to protect the lordosis, mid section and lower back, when you dip d...
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The Boat Position Challenge
Position: 9, Score: 00:08.40
This exercise focuses on developing the abdominal region and helps to strengthen the back and legs. To perform this exercice, lift your feet off the ground and extend your arms straight out in front o...
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Superman Hold
Position: 7, Score: 01:48.00
This exercise helps to strengthen the lower back, bum and hamstrings. Lay on the floor facing down with your arms straight out in front of you. With a very small movement, lift your head and feet off ...
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Spiderman Hold
Position: 9, Score: 00:44.00
The Spiderman is a great body tension exercise. Start in a press up position and move your legs and arms outwards until your body is as close as possible to the floor. The further out you move your ha...
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The Upward Plank Challenge
Position: 10, Score: 01:18.00
The Upward Plank is performed as follows: 1. Pressing your inner feet and hands against the floor. 2. Lift your hips until the reverse position is maintained. 3. Thighs approximately parallel to...
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The Crane Pose Challenge
Position: 11, Score: 00:14.00
A good challenge to strengthen your abdomen, arms and wrist. 1. Put your hands flat on ground. Lift your heels and start shifting your weight on hands. 2. Lift your legs and keep balancing and k...
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The Firefly Pose Challenge
Position: 1, Score: 00:05.00
The Firefly Pose is as follows:- 1. Squat over the floor. With shoulders wide apart, place your hands on the floor infront of you. Tilt the pelvis forward & bring your trunk between your legs. 2....
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The Burpee From Hell Challenge
Position: 4, Score: 5.00
Your goal is to do as many of these crazy burpees as you can. No time limit but you cannot rest for more than 15 seconds between burpees and you must execute each segment of the burpee properly and sa...
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Lose weight fast! The ultimate weight loss fitness challenge
Joined, awaiting score
Lose weight fast! The ultimate weight loss fitness challenge This weight loss challenge is intended to get your heart pumping and your body toned - fast! It's based on the popular 500 rep chal...
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Bootcamp challenge
Joined, awaiting score
This bootcamp-style workout can be done pretty much anywhere and will get you in great shape if you do it regularly. Make sure to warm up and stretch thoroughly before starting, and cool down at th...
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