Joining and competing in a challenge:

Challenges are the heart of Konkura - they're what we're all about! We believe that almost any activity can be made more fun and motivational if it's turned into a challenge where you enjoy competing with friends.

  • You find interesting challenges in various ways: by clicking on the Find Challenges tab or by spotting one that catches your interest on the homepage or in the various scrollers. There is a wide and fast-growing range of challenges on the site, but you can easily create your own challenge at any time.
  • Once you've found a challenge that interests you, simply click to join it (you'll need to be logged in to join a challenge - if you've not yet joined Konkura it's quick, easy and completely free)
  • You'll immediately be added to the challenge leaderboard. To move up, you'll need to post a score. If the challenge involves something you can do right away, simply do it and update your score now. Otherwise, you'll need to go away and complete the challenge - depending what it involves, that might take an hour, a day, a week or even longer
  • When you've finished running, swimming, cycling, jumping, lifting or whatever else the challenge involves, simply return to the challenge page and click "Add/update score" to record how you did and (hopefully) move up the leaderboard
  • While you're updating your score you'll also be able to add a comment, and post relevant photos or videos. Photos and videos can be used to provide proof that you genuinely achieved your score, or just to show off!
  • Konkura is all about friendly competition and rivalry, so make sure you check out other competitors' scores and photos/videos. Feel free to make constructive comments, banter or exchange training tips via the leaderboard comments or the Challenge Wall, or by sending messages to your friends

Whilst you can make new sport and fitness friends all around the world using Konkura, it's always more fun if you get your real-world friends involved so you can push one another to better performances (or at least higher levels of banter!). Spread the word by sharing your challenges on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks

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