Challenge Your Sports Club or Team:

If you run a sports club or coach a team, Konkura can help you organise and motivate training by introducing friendly competition amongst club members.

You can create challenges based around a particular aspect of your sport - e.g. a specific skill or measure of performance. Or you can turn your entire weekly training programme into a challenge.

For example, a rowing team coach might create a simple, long-running challenge to find out who in the club can row 2000m the fastest. They can also create a training challenge for each crew that requires all crew-members to post their times every week for:

  • rowing a specific distance on the ergometer
  • completing a particular training run
  • completing a specific weight-training circuit
  • any other aspects of their training that can be measured
Konkura is the only website in the world that gives coaches the ability to create flexible training challenges absolutely free.

If you don't currently keep track of team performance, Konkura is the easy, fun way to start. Your team will get extra motivation from competing to see which of their team-mates is training the hardest, whilst you can easily keep track of who's excelling and who's falling behind. Using Konkura will also save you chasing team members for their training performances and recording them - Konkura keeps a history of past scores for every competitor, so you can review team-members' progress over time.

Got more than one team or multiple training schedules? That's fine, just create different training challenges for each.

If you're a University or College sports club where members are expected to train during holidays, Konkura is also great for managing and motivating out-of-term training programmes.

You can also add fun challenges to encourage club spirit. Why not take on your rival clubs in a training challenge, or take on clubs in other sports to see whose members are the fittest, fastest, strongest?

You can even set up challenges to promote your club and recruit new members. If you have any questions on how best to use Konkura for your club or team, or you'd like help creating training challenges, contact us via

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