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Train To Your Environment Michael Darren is a strength coach, personal trainer and pre / post natal trainer. He also works as a TRX, kettlebells, powerplate and ViPR instructor.

Whether your aims are sport specific or simply to live a more active lifestyle, Michael works under two acronyms: "KISS" and "TTYE" - by making sure that you "Keep it simple" and "Train To Your Environment", Michael delivers varied and innovative session allowing for results to be produced in a more diverse and interesting fashion.

Michael is based in Windsor but covers most surrounding areas right into London. You can reach him at Michael@TTYE.co.uk

Fitness blog : www.MichaelDarren.BlogSpot.com

Twitter : www.Twitter.com/MichaelD_PT (@MichaelD_PT)

YouTube : www.YouTube.com/User/BigMikePT

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MichaelADarren: I am a personal trainer, strength coach and pre-post natal traner. I am also a kettlebell, TRX, ViPR...