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Fastest climb of the Lister Logic climbing wall

A simple challenge for anyone attending a Lister Logic climbing wall event - how fast can you make it to the top of our 26ft wall (24ft climbing distance)?

  • 6 competitors
  • Leader: aash, score: 00:04.00
  • For: Male and female competitors
  • Level: Suitable for all competitors
  • Age range: any age

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1 lynwlls lynwlls
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2 Worthster Worthster
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3 marien marien
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4 toshy888 toshy888
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5 PersonTrainer PersonTrainer
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Top RO competitor: marien
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230875 K-Points
Top AS competitor: toshy888
Contribution: 95250 K-Points
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183425 K-Points
Top CA competitor: adam16660
Contribution: 10025 K-Points