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Pencil Snatching off top of hand

Pencil Snatching off top of hand

Place as many pencils as you think you can snatch on the back of your outstretched palm. Now in one quick motion, flick the pencils up and grab them with the same hand. Cannot use other hand.  more about this challenge...

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  • profile pic That is about all I can hold in my hand. Did manage 60 (30 in each hand simultaeously. Decided againts making it a new challenge. Can post video if anyone cares, lol by AndyWeaver on 10/21/2013 5:21:00 PM

  • profile pic Sorry guys for the videos ...i dont have a good camera :( hope u dont mind...good luck to everyone by alexpaul on 4/27/2011 5:53:00 PM

  • profile pic Hehe, you make me laugh Sbguru by CarlyMcGuire on 4/12/2011 9:20:00 PM