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  • profile pic Comment on sorin01's entry:

    7 may 2011 http://www.ziuasportuluitenaris.ro/2011-1/competitii/rezultate by sorin01 on 5/10/2011 7:13:12 PM

  • profile pic ill be somewhere around 40 minutes will get the stopwatch out over the weekend! by CharlieSharpe on 8/27/2010 10:57:00 PM

  • profile pic Comment on craig's entry:

    woooahha by JenMitchell on 8/27/2010 9:21:06 PM

  • profile pic 38 mins lol -nearly twice as fast as me lol by JenMitchell on 8/27/2010 9:21:00 PM

  • profile pic Comment on Dinosaur's entry:

    Actually, the treadmill would only let me set it to 6.3 miles, which is actually 10.1388km. Reckon that extra 138.8 metres made all the difference to my time! by Dinosaur on 8/26/2010 4:04:39 PM