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The SFX 6 Week "The Other 23 Hours" Challenge - (Open to SFX members and their friends)

SFX 6 Week Challenge - Rules The Difference Between Who You Are, And What You Want To Be, Is What You Do! Do you believe the statement above? I sure do. Listen, we all have goals, and in this case we all have fitness, body, and health goals. But you know what??? No matter what your goal is, you need to take certain actions that will lead you to your goal. It's easy to say I want to lose 10 pounds, I want to jump higher, I want to run faster. Great! Now it's time to move towards those...   more details


  • 1 stix2go

    score: 1326

    by stix2go

  • 2 KatrínJónsdóttir

    score: 1320

    by KatrínJónsdóttir

  • 3 GraceD

    score: 1311

    by GraceD

  • 4 Kettlebell Zell

    score: 1307

    by Kettlebell Zell

    Oh Yea~Pictures tonight Partner~

  • 5 VMHamby

    score: 1306

    by VMHamby

    Before or After Cocktails, Mizelle?

  • 6 SlapHappyBug

    score: 1304

    by SlapHappyBug

    Extra 50 points for registering for the Challenge .

  • 7 lrobbins

    score: 1281

    by lrobbins

  • 8 reneepruitt

    score: 1268

    by reneepruitt

  • 9 rlavin12

    score: 1266

    by rlavin12

  • 10 Jillboch

    score: 1262

    by Jillboch

  • 11 Nzabuk

    score: 1241

    by Nzabuk

  • 12 Cruz

    score: 1222

    by Cruz

  • 13 laradb

    score: 1219

    by laradb

  • 14 Denamesi

    score: 1209

    by Denamesi

  • 15 GoGoGlo

    score: 1160

    by GoGoGlo

  • 16 lorihenry

    score: 1119

    by lorihenry

  • 17 Resnest

    score: 1101

    by Resnest

  • 18 JillHolmen

    score: 1073

    by JillHolmen

  • 19 eschott

    score: 1064

    by eschott

  • 20 SternotR

    score: 1038

    by SternotR

  • 21 EricHolmen

    score: 909

    by EricHolmen

  • 22 SternotM

    score: 868

    by SternotM

  • 23 stephclark

    score: 814

    by stephclark

  • 24 leeleehills

    score: 778

    by leeleehills

    Ready to be done with this!!!!

  • 25 hillswe1

    score: 730

    by hillswe1

  • 26 gopher 1

    score: 713

    by gopher 1

  • 27 Lgenone

    score: 625

    by Lgenone

  • 28 stoll728

    score: 561

    by stoll728

  • 29 pgiddings

    score: 549

    by pgiddings

  • 30 nedstoll

    score: 547

    by nedstoll

  • 31 cmartin

    score: 535

    by cmartin

  • 32 schott

    score: 520

    by schott

  • 33 danderson

    score: 439

    by danderson

  • 34 zzsiob

    score: 417

    by zzsiob

  • 35 leighsaxon

    score: 407

    by leighsaxon

  • 36 ACAPO

    score: 394

    by ACAPO

  • 37 GAROutdoor

    score: 391

    by GAROutdoor

  • 38 malliepreston

    score: 376

    by malliepreston

  • 39 jhungerbuhler

    score: 373

    by jhungerbuhler

  • 40 Fsujillm

    score: 348

    by Fsujillm

    I miss cheese!

  • 41 KelliLafferty

    score: 319

    by KelliLafferty

  • 42 KelleyDayMacaluso

    score: 269

    by KelleyDayMacaluso


  • 43 lrozmajzl

    score: 182

    by lrozmajzl

  • 44 rcapodicasa

    score: 100

    by rcapodicasa

  • 45 roryma

    score: 82

    by roryma

  • 46 KelleyDayMacaluso_1

    score: 50

    by KelleyDayMacaluso_1

  • 47 VHamby

    score: 50

    by VHamby

  • 48 lizannovak

    score: 0

    by lizannovak

  • 49 terkoizninja

    score: 0

    by terkoizninja

    KettleBell Zell and I are going to bring it!! Watch out, peeps!!

  • 50 jleslie

    score: 0

    by jleslie

  • 51 HGarner

    score: 0

    by HGarner

  • 52 Mary Pat

    score: 0

    by Mary Pat

  • 53 dancerkitty

    score: 0

    by dancerkitty

  • 54 AlannaBanana

    Awaiting score

    by AlannaBanana

  • 55 bcleslie

    Awaiting score

    by bcleslie

  • 56 Birdy

    Awaiting score

    by Birdy

  • 57 FSUDANM

    Awaiting score

    by FSUDANM

  • 58 Gmarsella

    Awaiting score

    by Gmarsella

  • 59 Ivone

    Awaiting score

    by Ivone

  • 60 JasmineBogle

    Awaiting score

    by JasmineBogle

  • 61 judyhays

    Awaiting score

    by judyhays

  • 62 JumpinJudy

    Awaiting score

    by JumpinJudy

  • 63 mgermaine

    Awaiting score

    by mgermaine

  • 64 ninesling

    Awaiting score

    by ninesling

  • 65 tpurnsley

    Awaiting score

    by tpurnsley

  • 66 TrainerAnthony

    Awaiting score

    by TrainerAnthony

  • 1


    score: 1326

    Entry scores:

    • Day 1 total points - Aug 1: 28
    • Day 2 total points: 28
    • Day 3 total points: 28
    • Day 4 total points: 28
    • Day 5 total points: 28
    • Day 6 total points: 28
    • Day 7 total points: 28
    • Day 8 total points: 28
    • Day 9 total points: 28
    • Day 10 total points: 28
    • Day 11 total points: 28
    • Day 12 total points: 28
    • Day 13 total points: 28
    • Day 14 total points: 28
    • Day 15 total points: 28
    • Day 16 total points: 28
    • Day 17 total points: 28
    • Day 18 total points: 28
    • Day 19 total points: 28
    • Day 20 total points: 28
    • Day 21 total points: 28
    • Day 22 total points: 28
    • Day 23 total points: 28
    • Day 24 total points: 28
    • Day 25 total points: 28
    • Day 26 total points: 28
    • Day 27 total points: 28
    • Day 28 total points: 28
    • Day 29 total points: 28
    • Day 30 total points: 28
    • Day 31 total points: 28
    • Day 32 total points: 28
    • Day 33 total points: 28
    • Day 34 total points: 28
    • Day 35 total points: 28
    • Day 36 total points: 28
    • Day 37 total points: 28
    • Day 38 total points: 28
    • Day 39 total points: 28
    • Day 40 total points: 28
    • Day 41 total points: 28
    • Day 42 total points: 28
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About this challenge

Profile pic: TrainerAnthony Challenge created by:

Challenge for: all

Challenge goal: improve general fitness

Challenge targets: whole body

Level: suitable for all competitors

Age: any age

What does this challenge involve?

SFX 6 Week Challenge - Rules

The Difference Between Who You Are, And What You Want To Be, Is What You Do!

Do you believe the statement above? I sure do.

Listen, we all have goals, and in this case we all have fitness, body, and health goals. But you know what??? No matter what your goal is, you need to take certain actions that will lead you to your goal. It's easy to say I want to lose 10 pounds, I want to jump higher, I want to run faster. Great! Now it's time to move towards those goals with specific action steps.

Now I know that you workout hard and probably with an awesome trainer 2, 3, even 4 hours a week. That is a HUGE step (action) towards reaching your goals.


What action steps are you taking that will lead you to your goals the rest of the time?

Are you working out hard and then blowing it on your diet?

Are you working out only 2 times per week with your trainer and doing nothing the other 5 days?

Are you going to bed at midnight every night and getting up at 5am every morning and screwing up your fat loss potential?

This challenge is about making actions your goal (I will not eat bread 7 days/week) versus making results your only goal (I want to lose 10 pounds)

The actions will then lead to the results that you are looking for.

Ok, I think that you get the idea here. If you are interested this challenge to get back on track and to take action, then read below.

The SFX 6 week "The Other 23 Hours" Challenge begins Monday February 4th and ends Sunday March 17th.

(There will be a sign up form at the front desk)

This is a partner challenge and the total amount of points between you and your partner will be combined at the end of the challenge to determine if your "team" wins.

You can partner with someone at SFX, or a friend of yours that isn't a member of SFX.

If you do partner with a non-SFX member, the non-member will get access to 1 Underground group class per week, or 1 IMPACT sesson per week for the duration of the 6 weeks when they register.

You are to keep each other accountable on a daily basis. This will help your chances of winning.

We will be measuring your success over the 6 weeks of the challenge using a system of points for food choices and fitness task challenges. And no, these aren’t the Weight Watchers kind of ‘points’.

These are the ways that you’ll be able to earn points for the challenge.

IMPORTANT: Each day you will post your individual points on the sheets and the tracking website where everybody will be able to see who’s in the lead.. Both you and your partner will individually create your own free account on the website below.


1. Keep Daily points for eating "clean" (10 points/day)
-you are to eat only from the food list provided. For every food that you eat that isn't on the list, you will subtract 1 point from the 10 possibleeating points for the day. If you eat perfectly for the day, you each get all of the 10 points. (we’re talking about eating whole foods here)

2. Keep Daily points for maintaining healthy sleep habits (8 points)
-you are to get 8+ hours of sleep each night. If you don't get to 8 hours, subtract 1 point from your 8 points. If you get 8+ hours of sleep, you each get all of the 8 points for the day.

3. Add Daily points for fitness challenge tasks (10 points)
-You are to run/walk 1 mile on Mondays and Thursdays, Do 50 Burpees on Tuesdays and Fridays, Do 200 squats on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and Do 100 coffin situps on Sundays for the duration of the 6 week challenge to get your 10 points for that day. If you don't get your fitness challenge task in for that day, it's zero points for you for that day. So it's either 10 points or nothing for the day for this one. (if you don’t know what these exercises are and/or don’t know how to do them correctly, ask)

4. Earn Bonus points for having before and after pics taken ( 50 points for before pics and 50 points for after pics)

5. Earn Bonus points for making your Facebook profile pic a SFX pic for the 6 week duration of the challenge. ( 50 points) If you don't have a Facebook account, then you can do 10 added burpees per day, on everyday of the challenge to get the 50 bonus points.

6. Earn Bonus Points for Signing up for the SFX 5K Obstacle Challenge In March and get an extra 50 points per person at the end of this challenge. 100 pts/team (50 individual)

For more info and to sign up for the SFX Challenge In March go here - www.sfxchallenge.com/

So this is how it works:

Scenario 1
On the first day of the contest, I only get 7 hours of sleep. Im supposed to get 8, so I subtract 1 point from my daily 8 possible points which gives me 7 points so far. I do the fitness challenge task. I get all of those 10 points for the day! I had a pretty good day as far as eating the right things, except at dinner we went to a restaurant and I couldn't resist the warm loaf of white bread. I had 2 slices of it which means I subtract 2 points from the 10 that I have remaining. That gives me a total of 8 points for the day. I enter the points on my tracking sheet and on the tracking site. www.bit.ly/sfx6weekchallenge

Clean eating =8 pts
Sleep =7 pts
Fitness Task =10 pts
My Total for day = 25 pts

Scenario 2

8 hours of sleep, yes! All 8 points there. I didn't get a chance to do the fitness task, that's zero points. I knew that I wasn't working out today so I really focused on the eating and nailed it. No points subtracted.

Eating =10
Sleep =8
Fitness Task = zero
Total for day is 18 points

Scenario 3

Bad day eating. McMuffin and hashbrown for breakfast. That's -2 points off. Pizza, chips and a coke for lunch. That's another -3 points off. Dinner was good but had 2 glasses of wine,. That's -2 points. So I have -7 points from eating which subtracted from my daily possible points 10 gives me 3 points. I did do the fitness task fo the day. Thats 10 points. I only got 5 hours of sleep, so I subtract 3 points from my possible 8 for sleep. That gives me 5 points for the day.

Eating =3 pts.
Sleep =5 pts.
Fitness Task = 10
Total for day is 18 pts

If you did the before/after pics and made your facebook profile pic a SFX pic, you will enter those points on the challenge site when that time comes.

The total possible points for the 6 week challenge is 1376 points per person or 2752 for the team.

Here's the break down for daily possible points:
Eating Clean: 20pts./day/team = 840 total challenge points (420 individual)
Healthy Sleep: 16pts/day/team = 672 total challenge points (336 individual)
Fitness Tasks: 20pts./day/team = 840 total challenge points (420 individual)
Before Pics: 100pts./team (50 individual)
After Pics: 100pts./team (50 individual)
Profile Pic: 100pts/team (50 individual)
**Bonus Points: Sign up for the SFX 5K Obstacle Challenge In March and get an extra 50 points per person at the end of this challenge. 100 pts/team (50 individual)
For more info and to sign up for the SFX Challenge In March go here - www.sfxchallenge.com/

Total Team Challenge Points Possible = 2752 (1376 individual)

Enter your own points under your own account at www.bit.ly/sfx6weekchallenge

Points are awarded on the honor system. If the total combined points of you and your partner is the most, you both win!

Prizes will be determined and announced for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, once we know the number of participants in the contest. The greater the participation, the bigger the prizes!!

Hard copies of point tracking forms that you can print will be available for you to keep organized.

Wondering why this challenge doesn’t include points for pounds / inches / percent body fat lost?

The challenge was designed to reward those who stay dedicated to maintaining healthy eating, sleep and exercise habits over 6 weeks.

Looking better at the beach or pool will just be a side effect.

That said, even though changes in body composition (weight/inches/body fat lost) will not be factored into the scores for the challenge, we encourage everyone participating to do before and after weigh-ins, measurements and pictures. (Points for pictures) Even for those who aren’t looking to lose pounds, changing how you eat is going to help your body build muscle, and those changes will be measurable.

The SFX staff will be taking pics and taking measurments

The buy in for the Challenge is $20/person or 50 Burpees/person (Burpees don't count towards the total count of Burpees on the Burpee Fitness Task Days)

Sign up you and your partner at the SFX front desk and register on the tracking site individually at

materials and food list here:

Ready, Set, Go!!

Go to leaderboard

Entry scores

E1: Day 1 total points - Aug 1

E2: Day 2 total points

E3: Day 3 total points

E4: Day 4 total points

E5: Day 5 total points

E6: Day 6 total points

E7: Day 7 total points

E8: Day 8 total points

E9: Day 9 total points

E10: Day 10 total points

E11: Day 11 total points

E12: Day 12 total points

E13: Day 13 total points

E14: Day 14 total points

E15: Day 15 total points

E16: Day 16 total points

E17: Day 17 total points

E18: Day 18 total points

E19: Day 19 total points

E20: Day 20 total points

E21: Day 21 total points

E22: Day 22 total points

E23: Day 23 total points

E24: Day 24 total points

E25: Day 25 total points

E26: Day 26 total points

E27: Day 27 total points

E28: Day 28 total points

E29: Day 29 total points

E30: Day 30 total points

E31: Day 31 total points

E32: Day 32 total points

E33: Day 33 total points

E34: Day 34 total points

E35: Day 35 total points

E36: Day 36 total points

E37: Day 37 total points

E38: Day 38 total points

E39: Day 39 total points

E40: Day 40 total points

E41: Day 41 total points

E42: Day 42 total points

Challenge scores are calculated using:

Score= E1 + E2 + E3 + E4 + E5 + E6 + E7 + E8 + E9 + E10 + E11 + E12 + E13 + E14 + E15 + E16 + E17 + E18 + E19 + E20 + E21 + E22 + E23 + E24 + E25 + E26 + E27 + E28 + E29 + E30 + E31 + E32 + E33 + E34 + E35 + E36 + E37 + E38 + E39 + E40 + E41 + E42 + E43 + E44 + E45

  • 2 things.... 1. It's time to change the fitness challenge tasks up a little bit... And 2. You've earned a Cheat Day! Starting on Monday, you will have a new set of Fitness Challenges that will last the next 2 weeks. The tracking sheets will be updated with the following. Mondays and Thursdays - jump rope for 300 revolutions Tuesdays and Fridays - 75 pushup releases Wednesdays and Saturdays - reverse and/or forward lunges for 100 per leg (200 total - stationary or walking - you can do some reverse and some forward) Sundays - leg raises for 100 And the cheat day? You can choose one day, this Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, to have as your cheat day. Eat what you want, skip the fitness challenge, and get 6 hours of sleep with no points deducted. Give yourself all of the points on that day, but be sure to mark on your tracking sheet "CHEAT DAY" so that we'll know which day you took.
    by TrainerAnthony on 2/13/2013 9:43:00 PM

  • Don't forget to start posting your scores for before pictures and Facebook Profile pic!
    by Fsujillm on 2/3/2013 6:22:00 PM

  • Earn 50 bonus points per person/ 100 per team for signing up for the SFX 5K Obstacle Challenge in March. Get more info and sign up here - http://www.sfxchallenge.com
    by TrainerAnthony on 1/23/2013 8:03:00 PM