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  • 1 JoannaLangemannVillemere

    score: 55

    by JoannaLangemannVillemere

    First 2 Times my foot touched the wall , this time was perfect

  • 2 Bear

    score: 41

    by Bear

    sorry for the wife, cat, and kid...lol

  • 3 gillouplus

    score: 38

    by gillouplus

    19nov 2013 that better I expect to do 50 18nov 2013 Not very good only 30 (I did 35 a few mont ago)

  • 4 AndyWeaver

    score: 37

    by AndyWeaver

    Right back at you. This is going much higher.

  • 5 k100rs

    score: 36

    by k100rs

    I will try again!

  • 6 Worthster

    score: 34

    by Worthster

    From 29 to 34 - back to you Sbaguru

  • 7 toshy888

    score: 23

    by toshy888

    the motion was not that hard but learning how balance was so hard and i ended moving my arms futh...

  • 8 headstandbex

    score: 16

    by headstandbex

  • 9 David Malcolm

    score: 9

    by David Malcolm

    My wife was laughing uncontrallably

  • 10 Mr Workout

    score: 7

    by Mr Workout

    Jeez - difficult does go close

  • 11 PhilFit

    score: 4

    by PhilFit

  • 12 Abu Aqilah

    score: 3

    by Abu Aqilah

  • 13 JenMitchell

    score: 3

    by JenMitchell

    Very slow :)

  • 14 MaskedAthlete

    score: 2

    by MaskedAthlete

    crap balance

  • 15 CarlyMcGuire

    Awaiting score

    by CarlyMcGuire

  • 16 Exskinnybloke

    Awaiting score

    by Exskinnybloke

  • 17 JaneTaylor

    Awaiting score

    by JaneTaylor

  • 18 JohnnyHeysham

    Awaiting score

    by JohnnyHeysham

  • 19 PersonTrainer

    Awaiting score

    by PersonTrainer

  • 20 russpatel

    Awaiting score

    by russpatel

  • 21 StLegerFitness

    Awaiting score

    by StLegerFitness

  • 1


    score: 55

    First 2 Times my foot touched the wall , this time was perfect

    Comment on this entry
    toshy888: IMPRESSIVE!
    JoannaLangemannVillemere: i did the crunches again for the video and actually did 55

About this challenge

Profile pic: PersonTrainer Challenge created by:

Challenge for: all

Challenge goal: increase strength

Challenge targets: whole body

Level: suitable for all competitors

Age: any age

What does this challenge involve?

How many continuous Headstand Crunches can you complete? This is an extremely difficult workout, which requires amazing balance, core strength and focus.The first 40 seconds of the below video demonstrates how the headstand crunches should be performed:-

The winner of this fitness challenge is the person who completes the most continuous headstand crunches without before returning their feet to the floor.

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  • I'm going for a starter of 20
    by headstandbex on 8/21/2011 3:58:00 PM

  • Really Impressive these guys. I've got along way to go.
    by Exskinnybloke on 7/26/2011 2:39:00 AM

  • Great job Bear, a cushion for your head is fine. Worthster and I are in trouble you balance better then we do.
    by AndyWeaver on 4/30/2011 4:20:00 PM

  • Top job Bear and Sbaguru - back to the drawing board - again!!
    by Worthster on 4/30/2011 9:55:00 AM

  • lol...see, now you got me involved in this one. hope my daughters jacket under my head is ok? being bald hurts on the floors.
    by Bear on 4/30/2011 12:35:00 AM