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  • 1 blind675

    score: 30 mins 0.0 secs

    by blind675

    another week another race.

  • 2 gabiiipot

    Awaiting score

    by gabiiipot

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    score: 30 mins 0.0 secs

    another week another race.

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About this challenge

This challenge is only open to friends of blind675 so we're afraid you can't enter it. You can send a friend request to blind675, or create a similar challenge for your friends (or open to all competitors): create a new challenge

Profile pic: blind675 Challenge created by:

Challenge for: friends of blind675 only

Challenge goal: improve general fitness

Challenge targets: whole body

Level: suitable for all competitors

Age: 25 to 30 years of age

What does this challenge involve?

How much time you run in one week. The overall time is accumulated.

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Entry scores

E1: Monday

E2: Tuesday

E3: Wednesday

E4: Thursday

E5: Friday

E6: Saturday

E7: Sunday

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Score= E1 + E2 + E3 + E4 + E5 + E6 + E7