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  • 1 LeeAlberts

    score: 145

    by LeeAlberts

    Bit of a crap angle on video but if you look at the left side carfully you can see the 2.5kg olym...

  • 2 Kage

    score: 143

    by Kage

    Was EXTREMELY tired and SORE(excuses) Today from legs yesterday. Only got 8 on 365 so lowered my ...

  • 3 trsmithson

    score: 130

    by trsmithson

    im guessing with this in kgs i know i can do 245lbs for ten

  • 4 momona

    score: 124.73

    by momona

    275 lbs

  • 5 Bear

    score: 102.27

    by Bear

    225lbs. for 10 reps...

  • 6 RobAdrain

    score: 100

    by RobAdrain

  • 7 DagobertoChapa

    score: 90

    by DagobertoChapa

  • 8 LouisSimms

    score: 90

    by LouisSimms

  • 9 Mappers

    score: 90

    by Mappers

  • 10 AngeloBorreggine

    score: 88.63

    by AngeloBorreggine

    !95lbs for 10reps......max in the neighborhood of 245lbs.........157lb bodyweight

  • 11 Csmeredith

    score: 88

    by Csmeredith

    195 lbs for 10 reps - today was chest day - aching a bit now..

  • 12 toshy888

    score: 87.50

    by toshy888

    i got 11 reps out at this weight

  • 13 joeclark

    score: 85

    by joeclark

    6 reps

  • 14 Timattewell

    score: 85

    by Timattewell

  • 15 jaderberg

    score: 80

    by jaderberg

    First attempt...will have to edge higher now

  • 16 Exskinnybloke

    score: 80

    by Exskinnybloke

    Done several times, other the past few weeks. (Bodyweight 70kg!) Sorry 80kg, wrote it wrong the ...

  • 17 ladalko

    score: 80

    by ladalko

  • 18 AndyWeaver

    score: 70.50

    by AndyWeaver

    Not a lot, don't bench much this was a drop off set after 3 at 185lbs.

  • 19 PersonTrainer

    score: 70

    by PersonTrainer

    70kgs for 10 reps

  • 20 colsh

    score: 68

    by colsh

  • 21 Simon

    score: 60

    by Simon

    I could do more, but don't want to risk injury

  • 22 JordanBolland

    score: 48

    by JordanBolland

  • 23 Sylvattica

    score: 32

    by Sylvattica

    16Kg dumbbells on a fitball. Will up this when the gym's less busy.

  • 24 MaskedAthlete

    score: 22

    by MaskedAthlete

  • 25 zubairb02

    score: 12

    by zubairb02

    20kgs, 12 Reps I am 73Kgs

  • 26 erikad77036

    score: 10

    by erikad77036

  • 27 AshleyWarwick

    score: 10

    by AshleyWarwick

    52kg 10 times !!

  • 28 BradDawson

    Awaiting score

    by BradDawson

  • 29 RinNguyen

    Awaiting score

    by RinNguyen

  • 30 robbiejess

    Awaiting score

    by robbiejess

  • 31 seova

    Awaiting score

    by seova

  • 32 tyciol

    Awaiting score

    by tyciol

  • 1


    score: 145

    Bit of a crap angle on video but if you look at the left side carfully you can see the 2.5kg olympic collars :-) just missed 150 at 10th lock out :-( may try again in a few weeks as it was fun working up in 10s

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    LeeAlberts: Watch "Konkura bench press challenge" on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykHvoLuOs2k&feature=youtube_gdata_player

About this challenge

Profile pic: jaderberg Challenge created by:

Challenge for: all

Challenge goal: increase strength

Challenge targets: upper body

Level: suitable for all competitors

Age: any age

What does this challenge involve?

We all know it's the most useless indicator of strength but the bench press remains the standard. Simply what is the heaviest weight (kg) you can perform 10 full reps on.

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  • Seova score has been reset due to it being unbelievably high without any video evidence.
    by TeamKonkura on 6/2/2012 8:51:00 AM

  • Can someone take joe clark's score off, the challenge is what you can bench for 10 rep. Not for 6!
    by Exskinnybloke on 7/13/2011 4:28:00 PM

  • REALLY SEOVA!!!! Now that I would like to see a video of!! because it doesn't exist. you bench 550 lbs. for 10 reps. I have seen true powerlifters who can't do that and they weight around 260lbs. I know Kage and James are big strong guys and they aren't even close to that........Be a man, and own up to what you can actually do!
    by Bear on 4/29/2011 7:07:00 PM

  • Seova - 250kgs, 10 reps - no way.You any video proof? If not please remove that score
    by PersonTrainer on 4/16/2011 8:34:00 AM

  • LOL Understandable. I will look a little odd in the gym with someone taping me do it haha. Goal is to get to 20 reps but yeah I will post a vid. Chest is Tues or Wend.
    by Kage on 2/6/2011 2:52:00 AM