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  • 1 AndyWeaver

    score: 3 mins 48.750 secs

    by AndyWeaver

    Sorry about the bad angle, can't see the bicycle very well.

  • 2 Worthster

    score: 4 mins 3.077 secs

    by Worthster

    The sit-ups take the time

  • 3 AngeloBorreggine

    score: 4 mins 14.400 secs

    by AngeloBorreggine

    sorry about the poor lighting..........this was a nice lil workout......the 2nd exercise was the ...

  • 4 toshy888

    score: 7 mins 27.500 secs

    by toshy888

    i think i did a bit too many of some of them

  • 5 Fitcanuck1

    score: 8 mins 22.500 secs

    by Fitcanuck1

    Did this last night!!

  • 6 bradscottfitness

    score: 16 mins 50.0 secs

    by bradscottfitness

  • 7 David Malcolm

    Awaiting score

    by David Malcolm

  • 8 Dinosaur

    Awaiting score

    by Dinosaur

  • 9 fioramom

    Awaiting score

    by fioramom

  • 10 headstandbex

    Awaiting score

    by headstandbex

  • 11 hungryhippogetsfit

    Awaiting score

    by hungryhippogetsfit

  • 12 JaneTaylor

    Awaiting score

    by JaneTaylor

  • 13 JonHall

    Awaiting score

    by JonHall

  • 14 kateob1

    Awaiting score

    by kateob1

  • 15 lolita

    Awaiting score

    by lolita

  • 16 lyrithia

    Awaiting score

    by lyrithia

  • 17 marien

    Awaiting score

    by marien

  • 18 MaskedAthlete

    Awaiting score

    by MaskedAthlete

  • 19 MissBassett

    Awaiting score

    by MissBassett

  • 20 missfitness33

    Awaiting score

    by missfitness33

  • 21 msunnurse

    Awaiting score

    by msunnurse

  • 22 PersonTrainer

    Awaiting score

    by PersonTrainer

  • 23 Scotty

    Awaiting score

    by Scotty

  • 24 Smiddy

    Awaiting score

    by Smiddy

  • 25 staciamw

    Awaiting score

    by staciamw

  • 26 Stefox

    Awaiting score

    by Stefox

  • 27 stevie

    Awaiting score

    by stevie

  • 28 ThomVaugh

    Awaiting score

    by ThomVaugh

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  • 1


    score: 3 mins 48.750 secs

    Sorry about the bad angle, can't see the bicycle very well.

    Entry scores:

    • Time to complete the workout: 3:03
    • Rate my technique (5 = Excellent, 1 = Awful): 4  Cast your voteCast your voteCast your voteCast your voteCast your vote
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About this challenge

Profile pic: PersonTrainer Challenge created by:

Challenge for: all

Challenge goal: increase strength

Challenge targets: core

Level: suitable for all competitors

Age: any age

What does this challenge involve?

'Core Blimey' is the challenge to test that six pack to the max. Whether a fitness freak aiming for first place or a novice wanting to firm up that midrift, this is the challenge for you.
The challenge is to complete the following core exercises in the fastest time. And don't neglect that form, your fellow competitors will be rating you!. The exercises are as follows:-

Description: Sit on a mat with your knees bent and your hands touching your ears. Tighten your abdominal muscles until you are sitting upright. Return to the start position. That's one rep.

Description: Sit on a mat with your legs raised out in front of you. Clench both hands into a fist and keep together. Touch the floor to the side of your body with your clinched double fist.Each side touch classes as a rep.

Description: Sit with your hands by your ears, knees bent and feet up. Sit-up pulling your left knee towards your right elbow,then reverse it. Each knee to elbow counts as a rep, so it's 25 each side.

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Entry scores

E1: Time to complete the workout

E2: Rate my technique (5 = Excellent, 1 = Awful)

Challenge scores are calculated using:

Score= E1 * (5/E2)

  • Fitcanuck1, you won't have a score until someone rates you which means you need to post a video.
    by AndyWeaver on 5/16/2011 3:52:00 AM

  • I am trying to submit my time on this and I keep betting bumped out... I did complete at 3 mins 21 secs. Good little challenge. Took care of my ab workoout on that day! Thanks
    by Fitcanuck1 on 4/30/2011 5:36:00 PM

  • I'll give it another go - I'm thinking mine might be harder. I will beat my score
    by Worthster on 4/25/2011 10:04:00 PM

  • Worthster, you are going to have to do it again and follow the video instructions for the situps. Gotta put your hands through your legs all the way to the floor. Makes them take even longer. Other than that, great job and quick.
    by AndyWeaver on 4/24/2011 12:20:00 AM

  • I've rated you sbaguru
    by Jenny on 4/23/2011 2:55:00 PM