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  • 1 Nitr0125

    score: 73

    by Nitr0125

  • 2 AndyWeaver

    score: 77

    by AndyWeaver

    Don't get to play much these days but finally a round in the 70's. A far cry from the 61 I shot ...

  • 3 dwwood

    score: 78

    by dwwood

    Nothing special, just a steady solid round

  • 4 DavidGreef

    score: 78

    by DavidGreef

    first time no 6 on the card playing off a 10 handicap.putter worked really well.

  • 5 Bear

    score: 86

    by Bear

    yes, with all the lifting that I do, I do enjoy golfing. This wasn't the best round that I had, ...

  • 6 BradDawson

    Awaiting score

    by BradDawson

  • 7 Brian Lewis

    Awaiting score

    by Brian Lewis

  • 8 Hildabeast

    Awaiting score

    by Hildabeast

  • 9 penterm1

    Awaiting score

    by penterm1

  • 1


    score: 73

    Comment on this entry
    AndyWeaver: You should win an award for the highest score without a 6, lol as all 5's is 90.

About this challenge

Profile pic: Hildabeast Challenge created by:

Challenge for: all

Challenge goal: increase skill

Challenge targets: whole body

Level: suitable for all competitors

Age: any age

What does this challenge involve?

Simple golfing challenge- the aim of this is to keep a 6 or above off your card (gross not net i'm afraid). Not an easy one for most golfers but i'm sure there are some semi pros out there who can manage this feat. Just put in your gross score and lets see who manages the lowest score

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