Creating a challenge:

You can create simple or advanced challenges in just a few moments. The following explains the difference, while the video provides a detailed walkthrough of creating different types of challenge.

Simple challenges involve a single event, which will often be how quickly competitors can do something, how far they can go in a particular time, how much they can lift or how many times they can lift it. Simple challenges might also include the entry of a number related to the competitor - for example, their resting heart rate or bicep measurement - or posting a video of a particular skill and having other people vote for or rate their entry.

Create an advanced challenge whenever you want competitors to add 2 or more scores to complete their overall score. To illustrate this difference, we'll take the case of triathletes.

To create a challenge around a triathlon race or distance, you would create a simple challenge where competitors enter their time to complete the triathlon.

However, if you were creating a triathlon training challenge for your club or friends, you might create an advanced challenge with 3 separate events - for example, the time taken to run a particular distance during a Monday night training session, to swim a distance during the Wednesday night pool session, and to cycle a particular distance or course at the weekend. Of course, given how much triathletes train, there may well be more than 3 events in your training challenge - maybe 2-3 of each discipline.

You can add as many events as you like to an advanced challenge. Competitors can wait until they've got a full set of scores before entering them, or enter them each time they complete an event to keep track of their training using Konkura.

Besides combining multiple activities, you can use advanced challenges to do clever things with a single activity - for example, applying a weight or age correction factor to level the playing field between competitors. In this case, one of the events in the advanced challenge will be the competitor's time or distance score, and a second "event" will be their weight or age.

You can also create simple or advanced challenges featuring voting or rating. This means other users of Konkura are able to vote for, or rate out of 5, the competitors entered in the challenge. This is great for activities that involve style or technique, rather than being directly measurable, and also allows for interactive polls to be created (e.g. making a case for the greatest sportsperson of all time).

If you ever get stuck whilst creating a challenge, don't panic - just save what you've done so far, and drop us a line explaining how you'd like your challenege to work to - we're always here to help you create great challenges!

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