Get K-points and get to the top!

Konkura is about competition in all its forms, from serious athletic performance and all-out "alpha-male" or "alpha-female" feats of strength, speed, fitness and endurance, to gentle competition amongst friends who share a common goal, such as getting a bit fitter or losing a little weight.

However, there's no denying that we get a buzz out of finding out who's the best of the best, so you'll see that all competitors earn K-Points based on their activity on Konkura, and receive an overall ranking on the site.

K-Points are an indication of how active a competitor is, and how competitive they are. You'll receive K-Points for joining and creating challenges, posting scores, photos, videos and comments, and engaging with the Konkura community.

You’ll also notice that the site awards you a member level based on your K-points, so as your K-points increase you’ll improve from Fitness Rookie, through various levels to the ultimate accolade of an All-Konkuring member.

Your K-Points will also contribute to your country's K-Point total as we try to find the fittest country in the world. Make sure you've set your country correctly in your profile, or you'll be contributing K-Points to somewhere else!

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